How to get wavy hair without damaging it


We all know that the body wave usually will change to straight hair after washing ,we want to wavy it again without damaging it .So ,Today what i want to show to our friend is One More Mimic Body Wave Hot Water Method,one smart way which can help you make the body wave or curly weave pattern without damaging the hair .


Material :


◆Flexi Rod

◆Hot Water

Hair Bundles with lace closure/ lace frontal



1 Make one DIY wig through the hair bundles and lace closure ,or you can have an try of your own wig.

2 Tap the Flexi Rod (Notice :Tap to tap both of the Flexi Rod)

3 Wrap the hair around the flexi rod as the video(one bulk buy one bulk ).

 Notice :If you want wavy hair ,you can left enough space while you twining the hair,but if you want curly hair styles or deep wave styles,you can twine the hair more ightly as your requirement.

4 Then curves the hair with hot wtater or warm water .The reason that our mnodel use hot water in the video is because she wanted the wavy to be tighter.(You donn’t really have to use hot water,just do it as your requirement is ok )

5 In the end ,let it dry without separating the flexi rod.


Have you got it ?