In Modern life, wigs have become our daily essential accessories just like clothes. Every fashionable woman has 2 or more wigs to make herself look more confident and perfect. Do you have a natural-looking wig that looks truly natural? Here are some tips to help you how to choose the most natural wigs.

Tips 1.

Choosing a human hair wig not a synthetic wig

There have human hair wigs and synthetic wigs on the market. Although a human hair wig can cost you a little more than synthetic, Both full lace and lace front wigs have a very natural appearance and they are the best natural hair wigs. But a lace front wig is generally a bit more affordable than a full lace wig. Besides The hairline is a big indicator of natural hair, and lace-front wigs are great at emanating this look. The lace front acts as a natural-looking hairline and is undetectable, helping wearers to achieve a lovely natural look!

Tips 2.

Opting a natural-looking wig have a hand-tied monofilament cap construction

100% hand-tied or double monofilament wigs tend to be the most gentle on sensitive scalps. Some people use wig caps to protect the scalp. Though that’s more expensive due to the intricate manufacturing process, the wigs caps have the softest, lightest, most natural-looking construction. This is because every single strand of hair is individually placed inside the lace cap by hand. The result is a wig that can be easily parted and mimics the look of your natural scalp.

Tips 3.

Choosing a wig to retouch your face

There have 4 styles of face shape, oval face shape, square face shape, round face shape, and heart face shape. It’s very important to take your face shape into consideration.

1.Heart-shaped face suit for fringes, layers, and bobs wig that frame

2.Wigs with side partings are often the most flattering and natural-looking wigs for round faces, and it’s best to avoid blunt cuts.

3.Oval face shapes are best suited to wig styles that sit away from your face.

4.Square face shapes can be complemented with a wig that possesses height to narrow the sides and lengthen the face.

Tips 4.

Bring it to a pro salon once you've found your wig

After splurging on the most natural-looking wig, you may wonder why you'd have to spend more to get it styled. We recommend bringing your wig to a professional stylist to ensure it fits the shape of your face. Most wigs have an excess of hair and, much like natural hair, need to be cut and layered properly.

Tips 5.

Choosing a High-Quality Wig Brand

Now, there have many different wig brands on the market, but it’s very important for you to be sure that you are investing in a high-quality wig. At One More Hair, We only offer the highest quality and most natural-looking wigs to our collection, so you can feel free to choose the best wig to show your beauty anytime. Happy shopping time in One More Hair!

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