7 Pro Tips Keep Your Hair Stay Straight All Day

All we know lace Front Human hair wigs improve your style and remodel your facial qualities, so you do not have to hesitate. But many women find it very difficult to keep their wig hair straight. Now we are offering some detailed tips to keep your human hair wig straight.

1.Washing tips for lace front wigs

When you wash hair, make sure that you gently massage your shampoo focusing on the scalp and roots to remove any excess oils. Remember don’t think about skipping your conditioner! It’s what will help your hair retain moisture and keep it smooth.

2.Conditioning and Shampooing

When buying a shampoo for the purpose of making your wig hair straight, look for words such as “sleek” or “smooth.” The ingredients you should look for are wheat protein and added vitamins.

3.Combing smoothly

It is vital to comb through the conditioner with a wide-tooth comb to evade tangles, which can help when straightening your wig hair. This will also prove very handy in keeping your wig hair straight for a long time.

4.Drying the hair gently

When drying your hair wig, try to pat the hair dry and avoid rubbing wig hair. This will help you to avoid any frizz. Depending on your hair wig type, a microfiber towel can also be a very good choice.

5.Using products for straightening

There are various products out there in the market that can help you straighten your hair wigs when drying and styling. A straightening serum or balm, for example, is easy to use and will help to make the wig hair look straighter. Simply put on a small amount of it carefully into your damp wig before drying. Anti-frizz styling products contain silicone which can help you to make your wig look smoother and straighter. These products can be applied to dry as well as damp hair.

6.Drying wig on low heat

Whenever you are using a hairdryer, it is always best to dry your wig on the lowest heat. Drying on a cool heat will help to reduce any frizz present in the wig. Drying will take a little longer, but it is worth it to achieve smoother and straighter hair. One more good tip is to move the hairdryer gently from side to side while drying. Instead of focusing on one area, moving the hairdryer constantly all over the wig will help to prevent any damage and reduce frizz.

7.Using hair straighteners

It is best to use a straightener that consists of ceramic plates. The reason is that these plates reduce frizz as you straighten, and your hair is not pulled too tightly. This will surely help in making the wig straight enough for a long time than average. Before drying your wig hair, you should also spread a protective styling spray on your hair wig to protect against the high heat.

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