Advantages & Disadvantage of a T part Wig

For African America Women who like to change themselves,but do not have the enough long hair to do the hairstyle, a human hair wig can solve the question easily. Why a human hair wig, instead of the synthetic hair, because the human hair is the same as our hair and with the natural look when wear it, If you install it up properly, no one will notice you're wearing a wig. But another problem coming, because we know the human hair wig is cost high than the synthetic wig, more bigger lace space more higher price. So for some people who with a small budget, the human hair wig let them stop. But now, let me introduce you a new type of human hair lace wig-T part lace wig.

What is a T Part wig

The word itself tells us these are wigs that are placed on the head where the hair parting and the front part of the hair that goes along the face, forming the letter T in this way. The hair strands on the T part zone are sewed by hand-tied, very natural like your own hair parting line. The T part wig with the whole lace edge too, you can get a natural hairline as well as the baby hair.

What are the advantages of T part Wig?
1.Lower price
For some small budget people who want a lace front wig instead a 4*4 lace closure wig, the T part is a good choice. Because the whole lace edge make the wig looks like a lace frontal wig. You can get a nice look as the lace frontal wig, but cheaper price.
2.Easy to install
Little lace space mean you need only to put less glue even no glue to wear it. We know, the more bigger lace space the more easy to off when you wear without glue, but for the T part wig, you can take it easy and shake it happy. The comb will help you keep it well.
3.Shed less
As anyone who's ever worn a lace wig knows, the lace zone hair is easy to shed than machine made tracks zone, because the hair was tied by hand on the lace space, but the tracks were machine made and double weft, which will make hair more strong. So for T part wig, less lace zone less shed question.

What is the disadvantage of the T part wig?
The T part wig was a parted line which only with the Middle part, you could not part the hair to other side anymore, so for some people who like side part or free part wig, maybe it will make inconvenience, but for the most people, the middle part is the Queen!

So, as we know, the T part wig is becoming a more and more popular wig now. There also have some top selling T part lace wig (middle part wig) on One More hair, you can have a check.

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