All You Need to Know About Straight Lace Wigs

There are different variations of lace wigs, including lace caps, full lace, 360 lace front wigs, and front lace wigs. The front lace wig is a wig with transparent lace on the front of the wig, and the forehead is along your natural hairline. The purpose of lace is to make the wearer look like a natural hairline. These wigs are very popular because if worn properly, it looks like your natural hair and can be designed in different parts and ponytails in the same style like your natural hair.
Although there are many different hair types, the most classic is straight hair

Here are some tips for wearing a straight lace front wig
The aforementioned lace wigs have many benefits, but it is important to remember some things to ensure that your scalp and natural hair remain healthy under your forehead lace hairstyle.

Tip 1 Check your wig.

Before putting on a new straight lace wig, be sure to take a moment to check it. Check the smell and texture, check the fabric, if you think there is any problem, be sure to wash it before wearing it.

Tip 2 Properly protect your natural hair.

Straight lace front wigs are applied with adhesive, so before applying any adhesive to the forehead or edges, make sure all your natural hair is properly flattened and secured under the cap.

Tip 3 Remember to take care of your hair.

Straight lace wigs can be worn often, and it is easy to forget to maintain your hair. Remember to remove the wig every week and give your hair some gentle care in the form of deep conditioning, scalp exfoliation, and moisturizing. This ensures that your natural braids stay loved, moisturized, moisturized, and clean under the lace front wig.

Tip 4 Use the correct glue.

Although not all lace wigs require glue, it is important to apply glue correctly when wearing them. There are adhesives specifically for straight front lace wigs, but not all adhesives are safe. Also, if you plan to be in the water, the adhesive you use will be different from the dry adhesive. Make sure to patch test any glues before applying them completely, and make sure to always use skin protectants before applying them.

Tip 5 Learn and practice gentle removal.

It may seem fun to take off the wig on the Internet or in a movie, but in fact, you should carefully remove the lace wig on the front when you put it on. You should always use an adhesive remover to soften the glue before trying to remove the wig from the scalp. Don't rush to complete this process. If you encounter resistance, apply more makeup remover and try again.

When you transition to natural or just want a different look without affecting your natural hair, the lace front wig is perfect for this style. Consider all options from no glue to comb, and find a hat that suits your lifestyle and style preferences.

When you are not wearing a straight lace front wig, be sure to take good care of it to make sure it is as durable as possible. And always keep the lace front wig away from direct sunlight, which helps prevent fading. Also, make sure to store it in a dust-free area and away from overheated areas. The front lace wig can be stored on a synthetic head or in a satin sealed bag to help control frizz and tangles.

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