Back To School !  Can You Wear A Wig Everyday?

Wearing a beautiful wig can add countless brilliance to you, but as a student, did you know that a wig can be worn at school every day? Are you considering how to take care of every day because you want to change to a wig? Will it hurt my hair if I wear it for a long time? Here are 5 tips on how to wear your hair every day in school. Let's have a look!

1: Firstly, All we know is beautiful hair needs to spend a lot of time and attention when you wear it. so if you want to wear a frontal lace wig every day when returning to school, you need to pay more attention to hair care, not only natural hair but also human hair wigs. The natural hair under the wig cap cannot breathe, so it becomes fragile. except this, if the wig is worn for a long time, improper maintenance will shorten its service life.

2: There is no need to wear wigs every day, especially synthetic wigs because it's uncomfortable. It is best to put on a human wig with an adjustable shoulder strap and get a 2b spray. You can put it on quickly when you go to school and take it off before going to bed. This way your natural hair and wig can rest at night.

3: We recommend choosing the natural color and traditional style wigs, such as straight hair, body wave hair/deep wave hair, or water wave hair. These are great for back to school. Don't choose wild colors or excessive styles when you return to school. If you want to wear the same wig every day, be sure to choose a multi-functional human hair wig. Whether you are going to school or attending formal events, you can wear this wig on any occasion. However, if you already own one or two traditional wigs, you can also buy more exotic wigs on some special occasions.

4: Choose best for you wigs first. When choosing a back-to-school wig, there is no need have to commit to a full lace wig or a 360 lace frontal wig. It is better to wear a wig in daily life. If you want some independent space, a lace closed wig and lace front wig are your perfect choice. If you are a big fan of the middle part or have a limited budget, then the T part wig will be your ideal wig. It is more affordable.

5:Should I choose short hair or long hair? This needs to be based on your own characteristics (face shape, height, fat and thin) to choose the length of the release that suits you. It's summer now, and you can choose a few short and medium haircuts to make yourself feel cool all over. But autumn and winter are also coming soon, it is also a good choice to prepare a few long hair

The above is our advice on wearing a wig every day when returning to school. I hope to help you. If you have more questions, you can email or dm us. For more new and affordable hairstyles, welcome to One More Hair to learn more

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