Chinese New Year Customs --The Holiday Notice

Chinese New Year has a long history.  Traditional festival ceremonies and related custom activities are an important part of festivals, carrying a rich and colorful festival culture.


Sweeping the dust


"The twelfth lunar month twenty-four, dust and sweep the house", according to "Lu spring and Autumn" records, the Spring Festival dust custom in my country was in the era of Yao and shun. According to the folk saying: Because of the homophony of "dust" and "Chen", sweeping dust in the New Year has the meaning of "removing old and bringing forth new", and its purpose is to sweep out all bad luck and bad luck. This custom is entrusted with the hope that people desire to destroy the old and establish the new as well as bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. During the coming Spring Festival, each and every family must clean environment, cleaning all kinds of equipment, unpick and wash bedding, curtains, sweep the courtyard six Lu, Shan whisk dirt cobweb, dredging nullah and underground drains. Everywhere is permeated with a festive atmosphere of rejoicing, practicing hygiene, and welcoming the new year cleanly.


 Pasting Couplets


couplets are also called door pairs, spring stickers, couplets, pairs, peach charms, etc. It describes the background of the times and expresses good wishes with neat, dual, concise, and delicate characters. It is a unique literary form in our country. Every Spring Festival, no matter in the city or in the countryside, every household should select a red Spring Festival couplet and paste it on the door to add a festive atmosphere to the festival




There is a saying in Chinese folk that "firecrackers open the door". Promptly when the new year arrives, the first thing that every household opens the door is exactly to set off firecrackers, to get rid of the old and usher in the new with the sound of firecrackers that beep, beep, beep. Firecrackers are a Chinese specialty, also known as "firecrackers", "firecrackers" and "firecrackers". Its origin is very early, and it has a history of more than two thousand years. Setting off firecrackers can create a festive and lively atmosphere, and is a recreational activity during festivals that can bring people joy and good luck.


New Year's greetings

On the first day of the new year, people get up early, put on the most beautiful clothes, dress neatly, go out to visit relatives and friends, and wish each other good luck in the coming year。


Dear friends:

Thanks for your always support onemorehair , Hope everything is great for you. Our New Year Holiday is coming, During the holiday (21th-27th, Jan). The express company and factory will be off, Some of the hair cannot be shipped out in time. Hope you can arrange your order in advance. If you need any help, just let me know.

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