Glueless Lace Wig: How To Install a Wig Without Glue?

Every fashionable girl all want to try new hairstyles, and if wigs are installed too often, using glue and tape can damage your skin and lace wigs.So how do you stay healthy and still look good?Then you need to learn how not to use the glue and then be able to apply the wig. 

The best 100% Remy lace human hair wig, professional needle and threads, scissor, and wig clips

* Similar with wearing the full lace wig human hair by glue, you should first braid your natural hair, please remember the flatter your natural hair is, the more natural the full lace wig install will look.

* Cut the lace of the full lace wig 100 human hair, this is similar to wearing it with glue, you should also careful when you cut the lace.

1.Combs and Clips

Some wigs have either combs or clips sewn onto them. One tends to be positioned at the head’s top. The other is above each of your ears. There is also one located in the back toward the neck’s nape.

Use the wig clips to fix the lace wig on the right place of your head, then insert the thread which color is similar to your 100% real human hair lace wig color to the needle, then sew the lace wig to your natural hair from the hairline. During the sewing procedure, make sure the hair of the lace wig is not sewed by you. Until the entire full lace wigs with baby hair are sewed fixed on your head, then the full lace wig sew in procedure is finished.

2. Elastic Band Attachment

For this method, you can buy an elastic band and then sew it horizontally across your wig’s back in your nape area. The way helps the hair system lay flat. If you buy a hair unit which a little too large, this method should fits your. The band will function as a drawstring on the baggy sweatpants.

3. A Wig Grip

It is another excellent choice to put on a lace front wig without tape or glue. It is particularly useful if your hairpiece is a little too large. To be more specific, it will occupy a bit additional room which your head fails to fill on its own.Wearing this will secure your wig to your head so tightly that it won't fall off no matter how you shake it

So after these simple procedures, you will be able to easily apply or remove the lace wig easily and daily. So it is time to get the best lace front wig! Click:

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