Lace Front Wigs vs Machine Made Wigs?

As we know, the wigs usually worn are divided into mechine made wigs and hand made wigs, that is lace frontal wig. the wigs in front of lace.There are many types of lace wig, and they vary in style. They are beautiful and comfortable to wear.But it takes a long time to make them by hand, which makes lace wigs expensive. So, if you're short on budget, or want to try a new type, you can try the mechine made wig.

 Lace Wigs

Lace wig is composed of lace part and  the mechanism of the net. Lace is very thin and breathable. Hair is tied to the lace net by hand one by one.However, because lace is fragile, it needs to be treated gently. If you apply too much force, the hair will fall out and even the lace will be torn.

 This creates an awesome natural look and allows for unlimited style versatility, such as changing the position of a part, putting your hair in an up-do or ponytail. which makes a hand-tied wig more expensive than its machine-made counterpart. Hand-tied lace wigs are so discrete someone can run their hands through your hair and they would never know you're wearing a wig. 

Machine Made Wigs

A machine made wig will most likely always cost less because they are mass produced in a short period of time.So it's also a good option for people on a limited budget who want to try different styles.You can try all kinds of wigs, but don't worry about spending too much money


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