How Can I Care For My Remy Hair?

Remy hair extensions are growing more and more popular these days, as they are the most genuine looking of all the other kinds of artificial waves and hair extensions. They are also the most expensive, because of their meticulous manufacturing process and the great and special care needed to maintain the quality of the hair after every use.

Here are a few things to remember when caring for Remy hair:

Remy hair can cause quite a hassle when it comes to care and maintenance, but all of that is well worth it. Before trying out new products to apply on the hair, make sure to contact the manufacturer or do some research prior. It is always easier to keep the damage from happening before it happens than deal with the consequences afterwards.

And although Remy hair can be pretty much like regular hair when it comes to appearance and hair care, there are some other aspects that need extra attention when it comes to artificial weaves and extensions.

First and foremost, make sure you keep it washed - have it be every week or twice a week. Whichever is best for your type of hair plus the Remy. This hair is incredibly soft and silky. You can use a regular shampoo and conditioner that you would get at any grocery store or go a little more expensive and buy it from a saloon. What the same is true though, the salon type is much better for your hair! When washing your hair, try not to use as hot water as you would usually. Scalding hot water can ruin the cuticle.

Second, you want to rinse the shampoo out with the water and put the conditioner in it. Make sure you use enough conditioner to cover all the strands of your hair. The conditioner, as per usual should be left on for about 10 minutes. Once you rinse the conditioner out, it's time to strengthen the hair. Try to use a deep conditioner that has coconut milk or protein in it. Its important that you do a deep conditioning at least once per week.

- Third, once the hair is dry, you can then do your normal routine. It's YOUR hair. Use it as you would usually. Frankly, this hair is probably one of the most tame ones. So you shouldn't really have any problems with it.

- Fourth, make sure every morning you comb your hair - not brush it. Do it from the bottom on up. This will prevent the hair from tangling or getting matted.

- Fifth, make sure that when you go to bed at night you wrap your hair. You can sleep on it, but depending on how you sleep at night, you could end up with a few tangles in your hair. Just make sure you don't sleep on it wet or you will end up with your beautiful Remy hair sticking together in the morning!
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