How Do You Comb A Human Hair Wig

In daily life, we need to pay attention to some hair care skills. How to comb wigs is also an important step for us to maintain wigs, because we can make our hair neat and beautiful through combing and avoid tangles to a certain extent. This blog aims In explaining the main points about hair combing, I will show you the standard steps for combing 4×4 Closure Wig.

What are the ways to comb the wig

  1. Use your fingers

This is the gentlest combing method, which is very suitable when you don't have any combing tools around you. And the Closure Wig is more suitable for combing with your fingers, because the fingers can help the wig maintain its shape instead of being straightened.

  1. Use a wide tooth comb

The wide-tooth comb is a special tool for combing wigs, which will ensure that your movement through the strands will not produce excessive pressure or stretch, and will not damage your original hair style.

Tip: The hair of the Lace Closure Wig is very fragile, and the fine comb is easier to pull between the hairs, causing local hair loss, so please avoid the use of fine combing.

In the process of combing, what should be paid attention to

After finding a suitable hair comb, you need to start combing your hair! In the combing process, you need to be careful, because if you use incorrect combing to damage your hair, your hair may not recover forever, so you need to be more patient with wigs than with your own hair. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

  1. Gentle

Be gentle! Don't comb your wig vigorously. Gently and slowly comb your wig will help prevent the hair strands from detaching from the base, and you will get a perfect result in the end.


  1. The direction of combing


The correct combing direction should be from bottom to top. Therefore, combing the wig from top to bottom will cause the comb to knot and pull the thread out of the wig. Therefore, start from the end and brush up a small part to avoid pulling the hair.


  1. Make sure to comb the wig when the hair is dry


Do not comb the wig when it is wet, because when the wig is wet, it is most likely to be damaged if you brush it. Therefore, make sure to comb the wig when the hair is dry. Many people do not pay attention to this problem and cause hair damage.


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