How To Avoid Hair Shed?

Hair is an essential part of our life. Every time you buy a new lace front wig, you will be happy. Especially when you come across a beautiful and suitable unit, you will hope that the wig can woek well and last long.

However, we can find that even a pretty wig, after several USES, seems to begin to tangle or shed.Some even lose their hair the first time they are used.So, how can you avoid hair loss and still last long?

In fact, these lace units are really like our own hair, even more fragile than our own.Because after all, our hair grows on our heads, and unit doesn't. A lace front wig is made up of a lace part and a hand-woven part.The lace part of the hair is the  producers a hair a hair tie on the lace.If you pull your hair hard, even own own hair will feel hurts, not to mention the unit,it will lose.

So usually, when we get a new lace wig, comb through the wig first, use your finger or wide-tooth comb before you wash or wear. the hair brush is forbidden, since the brush has so many dense tooth, that will make hair broken and take out from the unit. and this is the most important reason of why so many people have shed when they brush the lace frontal wig. 

Regular hair care is necessary because when the virgin human hair is cut, it can no longer absorb nutrients.Only external care can keep you alive.So wash your hair once a week, then go for a deep conditioning treatment, and you'll get a hair that will continue to live.

How much you give, how much you get, what you do with your hair, your hair will do with you.Taking good care of your hair will bring us a great sense of achievement and joy, and will reduce the frequency of your hair changes and save you money!


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