How to Bleach and Color Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are the best types for dyeing or coloring. Virgin hair is not chemically processed before they are sold. As a result the outer layer or the cuticle is retained in virgin hair. As a result the task of dyeing or coloring hair extensions is really easy and ideal for the same. Coloring or bleaching the wig extensions not only increases the style statement of a particular person. It also protects the cuticle from harmful chemicals and pollution.

Coloring or bleaching virgin wigs are much similar like the process used for dyeing human lace wig. However, most of the other laces, even the remy hair is not also good for coloring as they tend to become extremely weak due to the treatment by chemicals. If you want to color them, it can damage the remy extensions forever. This is the reason why virgin human hair extensions are considered perfect for bleaching and coloring.

One of the more difficult and damage prone process is lightening. It is more difficult than darkening. Lightening may require the exact processing of bleaching agents which, if wrongly processed, may damage the wigs. To avoid it, you can directly dye the darker portion of your virgin extension to the color you want. However, this leaves behind a tint of darkness. As a result the extension ends up with shades of copper like color. You can remove the tint by re-applying the dye over and over again. This will bring you the lighter color that you desire. Generally you only need three colorings in order to get the perfect match. You need to perform the colorings in an interval of couple of days.

If you don't want to skip the process of bleaching, you can use a stripper as well as eraser prior bleaching. For example, if you want to get dark brown, you can apply the eraser two or more times, and ultimately the color will reduce to brown. You also need to allow sometime between processing with stripper and bleach, so that it doesn't damage your hair too much.

You should always consult the professional expert before applying any dye or color for the virgin extensions.

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