How to Choose Best Human Hair Wigs for Coming Early Autumn?

Somehow, autumn is coming, it's time to start looking for the best autumn hair color. Like the rest of the world, this fall's hair color is a bit strange. Throughout the summer, the bold hues of red and gold exploded, but as we may lock in again in the future, low-maintenance hues are starting to become the focus again. Here are 4 tips on how to choose the best wig for you

Tip 1 Choose the right type of wig

Do you want a human hair wig or a synthetic wig? In fact, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have different advantages and disadvantages, and you must consider them. On the one hand, wearing the same color on different types of wigs will look slightly different and give people a different feeling. On the other hand, most human hair wigs can give you the most natural look, and can also be dyed, permed, bleached, and protruding like your own hair. Synthetic wigs cannot be dyed anymore and are definitely more affordable than human hair wigs. Therefore, please make the best choice according to your budget and needs.

Tip 2 Choose the perfect hair color according to your skin tone

Firstly, a good way to determine skin tone is to check the color of the veins. However, we recommend that you look at the veins in and around the face and neck for relatively reliable results. If you can see blue or purple veins on your wrist, your skin tone is very cold. If your vein color is green, then your skin tone is warm. If you can't tell whether your blood vessels are green or blue, you may have a neutral skin tone with a mixture of cool and warm tones.

Secondly, think about whether you look better in silver or gold. As usual, cool colors are often set off by silver. People with warm colors look better in gold clothes, while people with neutral skin tones look equally good in clothes of both colors.

For cool colors, it is best to choose ginger, gold, honey, or brown. For example, honey blonde wigs, brown high gloss wigs, and so on. However, for warm skin tones, choose platinum tones, such as golden wigs or silver-gray wigs.

Tip 3 Choose the right wig length

There are 3 lengths for you to choose from.

Long wig
Long hair is always the first choice for every woman. You can imagine your long hair fluttering in the breeze, shining like golden waves. No one will be fascinated by its charm.

Mid-length wig
There are many medium and long wigs for you to choose from. Whether it is a straight hair wig, a body wavy wig, or a curly hair wig, we believe you will find the right mid-length wig and have fun!

Short wig
It is undeniable that short wigs are more suitable for hot summers. After all, the longer the wig, the more heat you absorb. More importantly, short wigs can prevent your hair from moving away from your face and back. You will naturally feel cool and comfortable when you go out. And short wigs are easy to maintain and the price is more affordable. Of course, everything depends on you.

Tip 4 Recommendations for the best-colored wigs

Are you ready to buy which color wig? Are you dazzled by the dazzling array of colorful wigs on the market? Here we sincerely recommend some high-quality color wigs to you, such as straight lace front wigs, short bob human hair color wigs, bangs color wigs, golden wigs, gradient colors, red, brown, etc. Made of 100% human hair, it is soft and elastic, suitable for any occasion. Here we have some colored wigs to choose from, check our One More Hair to see more beautiful hairstyles for the coming early Autumn

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