How to Choose The Most Natural-looking HD Lace Wigs?

How to choose the most natural HD lace wig is very important for women. No matter where you go, whether you want to go to parties, festivals, dates, or other commemorative festivals, wearing a natural HD lace wig will make you look confident. But do you know how to choose the most natural HD lace front wig? Here will offer some tips, Now Go follow with us to know more!

Tip 1

Choose a suitable wig texture to decorate your face

Different HD lace front wigs are suitable for different face shapes, which is why there are many different transparent lace wig textures for human hair on the market. We will list some examples of how to choose a natural-looking transparent lace front wig according to the shape of the face.
There are 4 types of face shapes, an oval face, square face, round face, and heart face. It is very important to consider your face shape.
1. Heart-shaped face suit, suitable for tassels, layered and framed wigs
2. Side split wigs are often the most pleasing and natural wigs for round faces, and it is best to avoid blunt cutting.
3. The oval face shape is most suitable for wigs that are far away from the face.
4. A square face can be matched with a high wig to shrink the sides and lengthen the face.

Tip 2

Choosing The Suitable HD Lace Capsize

There have three kinds of capsizing in the market
Small: 21-21.5 Inches
Medium: 22-22.5 Inches
Large: 22.75-23 Inches
Normal medium size is enough for most people, if you wanna small or large size you could contact us by email, and the wig cap can be also adjusted by the behind elastic tape.
Before you buying the lace front wig, we suggest you can measure your head with an inch ruler by yourself, note down the size of your head, then choosing the suitable wig to capsize, only the suitable wig capsize can give you the most natural-looking feeling.

Tip 3

Install HD lace front wig with professional skill

Installing HD lace front wigs with professional skills not only includes using professional skills to sew human hair into HD lace front wigs, but also means placing the HD lace front wig that is imperceptible in the correct position on your head. You cannot place the front part of the HD lace on the back of your head, as this will not create a natural look. Perfect placement and professional sewing make your HD lace front wig human hair present the most natural appearance.

Tip 4

Replace the HD lace front wig regularly

If you want to extend the life of your HD lace front wig, you'd better buy 2 or 3 transparent lace front wig replacements. Wear a wig for 3-4 weeks, then change to another wig, and send the removed wig to the hair salon to give it a deep conditioner. This will make your HD lace front wig always look new and healthy.
If you wanna look at more HD lace wigs please go check in One More Hair Store, hope you could find the hairstyles you like!

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