How To Choose The Perfect Wig Hair Length?(2)

This blog is meant to answer the FAQs of wig hair length choosing while also cover certain knowledge necessary.The last chapter explained the importance of the appropriate length of the option and what is the appropriate length. This one will be extended and how to choose.


Hair Length Vs Texture

Wig Hair length is closed linked to textures. Besides, one of the most valued aspects of wig use, which is the level of naturalness can be closely related to wig hair length. To be more specific hairstyles such as body wave, deep wave, and curly are paired with long wigs. The relatively long hair will enable these hairstyles to present a dimensional perception. On the other hand, hairstyles such as bob look way better with short wigs. And some textures fit both long and short wigs, such as the most commonly seen straight hair. Let’s see several more concrete examples of the relation between hair length and texture.

This Curly Lace Front Wig Short Bob Wig Glueless 13x4 Lace Front Wig looks amazing. 13x4  lace wigs are made of 13x4inch undetectable lace with invisible knots to create a perfect natural-looking hairline. ultra-thin,lace with seamless blending capabilities which can match all skin perfectly. This particularly highlighted wig adopted a bob cut which looks perfect and would befit almost all face shapes. And more importantly, like a bob-styled wig, it is only available in five shorter versions, the 8inched, 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14inches 16inches versions. 

On the other hand, the 13*4 lace front blonde long straight wig is being appreciated by numerous hair wig purchasers. It is made out of 100% tangle fee, glue-less hair with no shedding. It has 150%  and 180% density, with a HD lace, and an average-sized cap capable of being used by customers whose head figures range from 54 centimeters to 58 centimeters in circumference. And this wig is made by a combination of hand-tied and machine processes. More importantly, this wig is available in 14 different lengths, from 10 inches to 40 inches, with 2 inches difference between each length. Unlike bob wigs, these straight wigs are available in both shorter versions and longer versions.  


Therefore, the link between wig hair lengths and textures is obvious, and to achieve successful purchases, wig users should be careful about what texture of wig they are looking for.

Hair Length Vs Colors

It appears as if the lengths of wig hair are irrelevant to respective colors. Yet the truth is that some colors pair better with short wigs and some are better with wigs of long hair. However, generally speaking, hair length is weakly linked with colors.

Where To Find Wigs Of Different Hair Lengths

Although it could be helpful for customers to purchase their wigs from a local wig store, reliable online wig vendors such as Onemorehair can offer high-quality colored human hair wigs at a much lower price. We recommend that for inexperienced wig purchasers, visit a local wig store to try out the exact length and then order a similar wig of targeted length online for the least cost.

Whether you are seeking wigs of various colors, cap designs, and lengths,Onemorehair can also help you out. More importantly, in case that you are not satisfied with the purchased wig, choosing online hair vendors with an easy return possible can be crucial. For example, upon receiving a wig, you feel that a shorter or longer version could be better, with the easy return policy, a swap of products can be arranged swiftly. Return policies like the 30 days no reason return offered by Onemorehair is a useful safety measure to ensure your interest, as a customer, is properly protected.

In conclusion, which length to choose for one’s beloved wig cannot be determined by individual preferences, factors such as texture, cap design, colors shall also be considered. And if you cannot make up your mind on which length to go with, seeking advice from close ones and professionals is always recommended. Lastly, choose a trustworthy online wig vendor such as Onemorehair which offers sound pre and pose sale services is of great significance.

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