How To Create The Perfect Side Part?

Changing up your hair can give you a whole new look — and be a lot of fun. What's not so fun? Putting in a ton of work to get it. Fortunately, one of the biggest hair trends of the summer takes next-to-no effort. Do you want to have the perfect side part hairstyle?

A side part can be achieved with even only a bit of length on the top. Neat, tidy, and well-groomed, side parting hearkens back to a more polite era and can make any people look instantly dapper.

A side part is simple yet sophisticated and is very easy to achieve either at home or in the barbershop. Hair can be slicked to one side for a more controlled and disciplined style, or it can be left looser for a more casual appearance.

What Is A Side Part?

A Side Part is necessarily a hairstyle itself but is usually the component of one. Although often associated with short hairstyles like a crew cut, a side part can be featured on medium-length hairstyles too.

As the name suggests, a Side Part is simply a parting in your hair that’s on the side. Usually, it follows the natural growth of your hair from the cowlick and finishes somewhere near the temple. While a side part can be styled in a way that exudes a classically cool persona, it can also be a recipe for disaster and look like a square.

How To Create a Side Part?

Side parts can range from just barely off-center to completely side-swept. Depending on the intensity of the division, you may have to wrangle with more or fewer stubborn strands. Simply follow these steps to part your hair:


  1. Comb your hair back, and take the pointy end of the tail comb to create a side part, wherever you want the strands to fall.


  1. Spritz your styler along the side of your hair that wants to go the other way (i.e., if you had a middle part of a stubborn side part the other way, use your styler on the hairs that bounce up or form cowlicks). Comb down the stubborn side of your hair and work the product into the follicles.


  1. To air-dry, secure the stubborn side with a few hair clips.


  1. For extra hold, take a paddle brush or round brush and create tension on one side of your part. Take a blow dryer and aim it at the scalp area (on a low heat setting so as not to cause damage). Pull it away every five to 10 seconds to let it cool, then repeat on the other side of your part.


Best Parts For Your Face Shape

At the end of the day, you can choose whichever part feels most comfortable for you, and there is something to be said about switching things up from time to time (experts recommend it for healthy hair growth, as putting pressure on the same spot each and every day can cause breakage).


However, there are a few go-to styles experts rely on to flatter certain face shapes and features. Find them below:


For round faces: Round face shapes are beautifully offset by bobs and one-side hair tucks. Try a deep side part or diagonal part to elongate and add some definition.


For square faces: Square-shaped faces have sharp, angular features, so a part that softens the look is key. Perhaps try a middle part with airy, face-framing layers or a side part with side-swept bangs.


For heart-shaped faces: Side parts are great, or you could opt for a deep side part to elongate the face and soften up angular features.


For oval faces: Oval-shaped faces have no sharp angles, yet they have slightly curved outer edges. That said, they tend to pair with any hair part since adding or softening angles isn't necessary.


For diamond-shaped faces: Diamond-shaped faces and deep side parts are a perfect match, as it softens up the look and creates width at the jaw (diamond faces have a narrow hairline and chin). That said, diagonal parts are also very flattering for this face shape, as it creates width at the hairline.


For rectangular faces: Rectangular shapes tend to be flattered with feathery fringes and middle parts. It softens the angles and helps the face appear fuller.


Whether you’re rocking a pixie wig, bob wig, lob, mid-length hair, or long Rapunzel locks, the side part can be transformed to complement any hair length and texture.Onemorehair has a variety of human hair wigs for you to choose from, you can part the hair anywhere you desired.


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