How to DIY a Pixie Wig with a Short Bob Wig

With so many celebrities cutting their hair shorter than ever, and pixie cuts become so popular, it's no wonder the style has taken a permanent place in the daily routine. But when we look at wig selection, it seems that many Pixie wig don't fit perfectly into our expectations.So how to diy a Pixie Wig yourself?

First of all, a short bob wig is necessary. A short Bob will save you the process of making wigs, making them a lot easier.

1. Cut the hair to suitable legnth

You can order a 8 inches wig directly, or If you're worried about a bad trim, you can buy a longer one and trim it properly, Pixie Wig is short, delicate, and cute in appearance. If it's too long, it doesn't fit,

2. Pluck a part line in place

We know that, some short bob wig is free part, but the pixie wig is a side part. you can choose one side you like, pluck a part line to make the hair looks have a Administrative levels feeling.

3. Trim to a style you like

This hairstyle, long on one side and short on the other side is better, of course you can also cut to the same length, after the appropriate length, with a curling iron, the hair into the desired style.If you bought a Bob Wig and you bought curly, that would be easier.

This is a link what is a curly pixie wig looks like, maybe you need it!



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