How To Do Half Up Half Down Curly Hairstyle On Short Natural Hair?

There are two reason what stimulate me to write this article:

First, on my view, our natural short hair is beautiful; we should have the confidence to show it especially in summer, which must be very cool!

Second, spend the least Money& Wear the best quality virgin human hair weave bundles!

You are motivated to do yours? Let us have a try!

First what we need to know is that we need to prepare 2 bundles curly hair weave (just 2 bundles is enough) and 6-7 pcs clips (Notice: if you need clips, just leave us the message of clip requirement when you place the order, all our clip is free gift).

Then is the procedure of how to do it:

  1. De-tangle the natural short hair through separate the hair into four or more section and comb them all the way.
  2. Spray it with water /oil or any other thing get it easy to do the hairstyle.
  3. Make clip-in hair through sewing the clip to the hair weave.
  4. Clip the clip-ins to your back natural hair.
  5. Grap your front &top hair into one little bun and neat the around short hair.
  6. Twist your another piece of hair weave to the tiny bun and fix it through elastic.

Watch this tutorial on our YouTube Channel:

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