How to Dye Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are beautiful, natural looking ways to put on new hairstyles and hair colors quickly and easily. If you have a lace front wig and you'd like to change up your look, you may be wondering how to safely dye your wig without damaging it. By deep conditioning your wig, brushing it out, and making sure your dye is coated evenly, you can have a healthy and sleek looking lace front wig while also rocking a new color.

Choose your dye based on your desired colors and your wig color. You can put any type of hair dye on a lace front wig, since it is normally made of human hair. However, your wig hair is the same as your own hair: you can't dye it lighter without bleaching it. If you want your wig to be a lighter color, you'll have to bleach it first until it is light enough to pick up the color that you want. This works well for pastels and light blonde colors. If you are dying your wig a darker color, you will not need to bleach it first.
Some lace front wigs are sold already bleached.

Spray hairspray and then dry it on the lace front of the wig to protect it. You can concentrate the hair spray on any areas you think could get a lot of dye on them.


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