How To keep Curls Hair From Tangle?

Curls hair is beautiful and suit for summer, but it requires we pay more care and maintain, Otherwise, your hair will become frizzy, dry, knot and you will keep brush them and then will enter a vicious cycle of continued drying .

Anyone with curly hair knows that it can easily become a tangled mess. But what you may not know is that ripping a comb through curly hair is not the best way to detangle it. In fact, keep brush it is one of the main reasons for damaged hair, aside from the use of harsh chemicals and dyes. come on, let's us to learn how to keep the curls hair from tangle.

1.Keep hair moisture

Try to detangling your hair with water and conditioner instead of the comb. This method is best for dry, coarse, or tight curls. These types of hair are not well-suited to dry detangling. Dry hair will be prone to breakage, and tightly curled or coiled hair needs extra moisture to properly detangle. Water breaks down the bonds in your hair, making it weaker, more fragile, and more malleable.

2.Part your hair

If your hair is dry, instead of brushing it in handfuls, you can try breaking it up into small pieces, one at a time, and one at a time to get it out of the way faster

3.Use oil to lubricate your hair

Use a bit of lubricating oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, on your fingers. This will reduce any friction that your fingers may experience as they run through your hair.
You can also use morocco oil to lightly spritz your hair. This will make it easier to comb through your hair.

4.Find the tangles.

Try to find where the thick and thin masses of tangles are when you start to comb through your hair, . Separate out one tangle at a time. Pull the knotted area away from the rest of your hair if possible. Usually only a small knot, do not large areas of the pull, this will allow the knot to increase the part

Curls hair is most people's choice in summer. Because curly hair is puffier and cooler.Take care of your curls hair, so you have an eye-catching look, whether you're traveling or in your daily life.

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