How to Maintain Loose Wave Weave?

What you usually will do when you want loose wave weave hairstyles?

◆Buy online?

◆Do it by the salon professional stylist?

◆Do It yourself ?

As we know, one set of virgin human loose wave weave bundles usually costs $100-$200, so this article will try some ideas what will help us maintain loose wave weave easy and lasting longer time:

1. Buy the virgin hair from brand company, which can help use long time. Notice, please do not buy some cheap hair, which will looks terrible in months, and gets tangled very quickly.

2. Comb the hair with big comb or just combing the hair through your finger to avoid tangle or any broken hair.

3. Sleep with one silk scarf or a satin cap if you want the best style of loose wave weave and want one completely relaxed night, which will help your hair to avoid from tangling.

4. Dry your hair with natural wind or lower heat hair dryer. Do not use the hot settings, it will make your hair dry, lots of the nutrition or much terrible.

5. Wear one swim cap when you take a bath or go to the beach for a vacation.



6. Apply some de-tangle or soft thing after you washing your hair, it will make your hair shiny and moisture.



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