How to Maintain Your Wavy Human Hair Extension?

Whether it is a large wavy volume for mature women or a small volume for a pure girl’s hair, it seems that more and more women are choosing curly hair. Once you cut the hair down form one's head and curled it by machine, the curly virgin human hair weaving will maybe become loose over time. So soft care and maintenance are essential to protect your wavy hair extension. Most girls know that wavy hairstyle looks great. However, compared to straight hair, curly hair is more difficult to care and maintain. You know that good care will last the human hair weaving longer. Now I will talk about some little tips to maintain your curly wavy hair look:

How to maintain our wavy human hair extension?

1. Choose one gently shampoo is important, a shampoo fits your virgin human curly hair can reduce the damage to your hair by washing it. Moreover, when you washing your human curly hair, please do not comb it violate or it will cause hair shedding.
2. Please let your hair dry naturally after you wash it, and do not use a high-temperature hairdryer. Better to use a dry towel gently press on your curly human hair extension to absorb excess water.
3. After shampooing your hair, use a hair styling product to enhance the strength of the curl. Do not mess with it during the drying process after curling. The less you move it, the more natural it will look.
4. When you get up in the morning, spray your hair a little and then brush it a little with a wide-tooth comb. After that, use your fingers to trim the hair that is naturally blow dried, roll up your virgin human curly hair about 1 inch wide to the end of the hair, adjust the hair dryer to the lowest wit, then blow dry your human hair weft from top to the end. After all, gently shake your head and apply some pomade essence.

The hair extension needs us to maintain, same, the curl also needs us to maintain carefully. Now that we know how to maintain curly hair, hopefully every wearer will have a sexy, wavy hair

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