How to make a wig? Wig production process and maintenance methods

In daily life, wigs are needed on many occasions. If you need to change your style or participate in activities, wigs can help you change your look faster without damaging your hair. So do you know how the wig is made? How can we care for it?

Wigs generally have three materials: human hair, chemical fiber hair, and high temperature silk. Real human hair is the most authentic.

There are many kinds of wigs, such as real human hair, fiber hair, handmade, semi-manual, woven, etc., by hand weaving real human hair to specific French net materials. This is purely handmade real human hair. The material changed to fiber is pure hand-made fiber hair, and the process changed to machine weaving is a woven product. High-end wigs are mostly crocheted by hand from real human hair, which are comfortable to wear, light and breathable. Low-end wigs are generally made of fibers.

They are relatively thick and stuffy, have poor air permeability, cannot be worn often, and the effect is not realistic. For high-temperature silk material, you need to select a good high-temperature silk, which is better than chemical fiber hair, but it has a shorter life span, lighter weight, and feels not like real human hair. Wigs are also divided into hand-made and woven wigs. The hand-made real human hair are all high-end wigs, which are easy to care, realistic in effect, light hail and breathable, and comfortable to wear. The woven human hair is thicker, not fluffy, and not as comfortable as pure handwork.


Although the wig does not need to be cleaned, it should be maintained. After wearing the wig, put the wig in a bag or box, and try not to let the wig come into contact with high temperature things. Because the wig is made of fiber, it is easy to deform when encountering high temperature. In addition, it is not allowed to dye the wig. To trim the wig, you need to go to a professional hairdressing agency.

When combing the wig, the action should be particularly light to avoid hair loss in the wig. Also, try not to wear hairpins when wearing a wig, because the hairpins are easy to scratch the net cover. If you want to fix the wig, you can use a hair band or a hairpin. Wigs are mainly used to change their image, so they need to be carefully treated to last longer.

You can tie your hair when you wear a wig, but you can’t tie a high ponytail. This will expose your real hair and affect your image. In addition, when combing the worn wig, it should be done in sections, and it should be combed slowly from top to bottom, and it must be light and have a certain degree of patience. If there is a knot, don't pull it hard.


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