How To Make Your Wig in a High Ponytail?

In the hot summer, a ponytail can not only keep long hair charming, but also show youthful vitality. Do you know which hair to choose and how to set up your beautiful ponytail?

We've explored some tips that can help you create a high wig ponytail, and let's delve into a step-by-step guide to help you pull off a beautiful high ponytail curly wig.


1.Secure your wig


First things first, you need to secure your wig to your wig cap or a mannequin head. Once your wig looks neat and secure, comb your hair in, leaving a few strands if you like. You should keep the back of your wig very close to the hairline on the nape of your neck. But remember to be very careful so as not to pull the hair too tight to reveal the hairline or wig cap underneath.

It is recommended that you choose 13*4 lace front wig or 13*6 lace front wig or A single ponytail



2.Pull up your hair


Grab a portion of your hair you want to put in a ponytail and secure it in place with a hairband. If you want to opt for a dressier look, hold the portion of your hair you previously had in your hand and grab a little comb and make it hold the hair tight.


3.Secure the ponytail


Toss your ponytail up toward the top of your head and use your small comb to grab the ponytail and hair underneath. Toss the ponytail back down to fall over your small comb, creating a beautiful look that’s a bit different. If you like, you can also leave a bit of bang down to create another beautiful casual look.


4.Place your wig


At this stage, you can now place your wig on without putting on the bobby pins. To make the wig feel more secure, once you have placed it, you can take bobby pins and identify spaces in the webs where you can place the pins. Pin your wig with the wig cap and make sure that the bobby pins are invisible.


5.Finish the look


You can let the ponytail hang down and add baby hairs in the back to give you that chic look. Once you have styled your hair as it pleases you, make sure that the foundation is invisible. Whenever you are adjusting your hair, make sure that you pull down on the nape to help ensure that it won’t slide or slip when you move around. You can add accessories of your choice to your ponytail to enhance the appearance of your wig ponytail.


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