How to Make Your Wig Look Natural

If you’re new to wearing wigs, it may feel totally intimidating. How do you put it on? How do you make it stay in place? How do you make a wig look natural? These are all good questions and we’re here to answer them, so you feel confident every time you step out the door.

 how to make your human hair wigs looks natural

Tip 1: Buy a Wig That Fits Your Head
Before you invest in a human hair wig, measure your head. Even though many wigs have adjustable straps, some wigs come in different sizes. In that case, it’s helpful to have your measurements handy to get the best fit.

Tip 2: Pluck Your Wig
Want to know how to make a wig look real in front? Pluck the hairs along the wig’s part and hairline. Here’s the thing about wigs: they can be dense and unnatural looking around the hairline. Take a look at your natural hairline and where you part your hair. You can usually see some scalp as the hairs become sparser near the hairline. Plucking the hairs gives a more natural look.
To pluck, grab your tweezers and place the wig on either your head or a mannequin head. You don’t need to install it completely; wearing it will help you see where plucking needs to happen in relation to your natural hairline

Tip 3: Cut the Lace to Fit Your Face
A simple tip for how to make a lace front wig look real is to cut the lace while the unit is on your head. Why? Lace wigs come with extra lace that covers your forehead so you can easily place and secure the unit. You’ll cut the excess lace before you secure the wig.

Tip 4: Blending is Bliss
Makeup on a wig? Yes, if you want to know how to make a wig look natural, this simple step is a game-changer. Using powder and concealer you already have, lightly brush along the hairline and part. Then you can gently blot or dab the concealer into the lace with a makeup brush or even your fingers to get a more natural-looking hairline. This will blend the lace with the color of your skin to give a more natural look and hide harsh edges.

Tip 5: Flatten Your Natural Hair
Knowing how to make a wig look real starts before you put it on. This step may seem obvious, but it really is SO important. The flatter your natural hair, the better your wig will fit.

How you flatten your natural hair will vary depending on the length, density, and texture of your hair. Additionally, many women choose to wear a stocking cap or other wig cap to secure their natural hair. The most common ways to prepare your natural hair for the perfect lace front wig install includes

Tip 6: 100% Human Hair, 100% Natural Looking
All these tips are great, but ultimately, the best tip for how to make a wig look natural is to start with a 100% human hair wig.
You care for a human hair wig much like your natural hair. In fact, regularly washing and brushing your wig will keep it looking natural and fresh. To prolong the life of your human hair wig, follow these tips:

• Keep the unit on a wig head when you’re not wearing it. This prevents tangling and keeps the structure.

• Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine, hot water, and saltwater.

• Be mindful when using heated styling tools. Some wig textures may not take well to heat.

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