How to Measure Your Head and Choose a Wig?

Nowadays, a beautiful wig has become an indispensable part of black women's lives. More and more people choose to buy a lace wig online, then install it by self which can save more money. But sometime,the cap size is not fit, If the wig is returned or replaced, the freight will be an additional expense. So, how can you make sure that you buy an appropriate wig?
First, you need to measure your head circumference. how to measure? 

Your can use a tape measure (the one from your sewing kit will do nicely),find the number "1."

The first, and most important, measurement is the circumference. Start at the back of the head, above the ears and come around to the hairline at the front. make sure the size, that will keep you find a suitable wig, 

Normally, the lace frontal wig cap is average size. fits 21-22.5 inches head. But the lace front wig contain: 4*4 closure wig, 13*4 lace frontal wig, 13*6 lace frontal wig, 360 lace front wig, and full lace wig. the 4*4 closure wig is a most small cap between these wigs, if your head is small, around 21 inches, suggeste you choose the 4*4 closure wig, But the 13*4 lace frontal wig is the best selling wig as so far. 

The most people prefer the 13*4 lace frontal wig than 4*4 closure wig, so if you head small, you can ask the vendor do an extra band on wig for you, when you make order online, you can leave message.

 If you have a big head, well, you maybe choose 13*6 or 360 wig is better, especially the 360 lace wig. this kind of wig cap size is 22-23.5 inches, will more comfortable than other wig if you have a big head. 

some vendors accept the customized, if you have special requires, you can contact the vendor in advance. but if your head over 23.5 inches. maybe bundles with closure or frontals to sew in is the best way for you. We are not only for beauty, but also for comfort.

One More Hair is a store, sell the 100% human hair wig, include all kinds of lace wig or none lace wig, chose One More Hair, chose high-quality life! 


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