How to Melt the Lace on a Wig

If you're learning how to install a human hair lace front wig right now. Probably one of the biggest problems you face is getting the lace to fit into your skin so that you don't look like you're wearing a wig. You can see all these YouTubers videos where they applying various products, like freeze spray and gel, you can essentially saturate the lace so it clings to your scalp, thus looking like it has melted into your hairline. It may take you a few hours to get your wig looking perfect, but with time and practice, you’ll be showing off a gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyle.

1st : Positioning Your Wig

  1. Use a wig cap if you want a layer between the wig and your scalp.

A wig cap holds down your natural hair and can create a surface for the wig itself to stick to, but some people don’t like the way they feel. Also, some wigs come with caps already built-in. If you are going to use a wig cap, line up its edge just behind where you want your wig’s hairline to be.

  1. Line up your wig so the hairline is where you want it to be.

Pull the lace down over your forehead to get the hairline in place, and check its position from all angles to make sure it looks natural. Some wigs also come with straps on the inside that may need to be adjusted so the wig is neither too tight or too loose

  1. Use a freeze spray under the lace along the hairline to hold the wig.

While holding the wig in place, lift the lace front and coat your hairline with the freeze spray. Try to spray it as close to your scalp as possible so it doesn’t get all over your forehead. Of course, if your wig is a lace closure wig, you will save more time.

  1. Blow-dry your hairline to secure the wig to the spray.

Use the medium- or low-heat setting on your blowdryer, and move it slowly back and forth over your wig’s hairline. Press the lace down onto the freeze spray as you dry it so they adhere together

2nd: Cutting and Melting the Lace

  1. Put a wrap strip around your hairline for at least 10 minutes

After applying the glue, you'll need to secure your hairline with a piece of ribbon and wrap it tightly to hold down the lace edges. make sure the wig’s hairline is starting to stick to your scalp, then you can ready to cut the edge. Keep going over the hairline and cutting away excess lace until you can’t cut away any more. Then apply gel along the edges of the lace with the end of a pin-tail comb. Dry the gel with a hairdryer. After you’ve melted the rest of the lace, set your hair dryer to medium or low heat and run it back and forth over your hairline

3rd Finishing the Look

Clean up excess gel along your hairline with a damp towel. Use an eyebrow razor and gel to create baby hairs to mimic a natural hairline. Apply makeup along your hairline so it blends in with your skin tone. Use a hot comb to lay down your wig for a flat, sleek style.

Well done, you finish all steps to melt your lace wig.

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