How to Minimize Lace Front Wigs from Shedding?

All women know good looking human hair wigs could make them feel better and bring more confidence. What will you consider first before buying a lace front human hair wig?  Tangling? Shedding? Not Full ? Yes, shedding is one of the most factors to think about before payment. There are 3 reasons why wig shedding and suggests solutions to solve the issue, Read on!

Reason 1

Most wigs are made from 100% human hair, and they are hand-tied to the hair, it’s extremely easy fragile. So shedding is normal and should be expected.

How to Solve?

Order it from a trusted manufacturer and supplier. Please do your research and make sure you buy from a renowned wig brand. One more hair has built its presence around the world by creating high-quality wigs and hair systems that do not shed. Our human hair wigs have a longer lifespan than ordinary wigs. Made from the finest quality human hair, And knotted with Swiss and French lace techniques that are known for their appearance, strength, and durability. So you could have a try if you have not ordered from us.

Reason 2

Improper Brushing

Wig hair is sensitive and needs a lot of care, So If you over-styling the wig hair、brush on wet hair、use a pointed-tooth comb、brush your wig using extra force, there will start will shedding appear a lot!

How to Solve?

1.Use a wide-head comb, Brush your wig hair evenly.

2.De-tangle your wig hair gently, Use a wig-type brush, if possible. Try to keep your hairstyle simple. If you don’t have an idea! Just ask your hairstylist for care tips

Reason 3

Bad Hair Care Products

We need to know the wig as your natural hair If you use hair care products with high alcohol content. These products can lead to damage, breakage, and shedding.

How to Solve?

Firstly, Look for specially-formulated products for wigs, or products that are low in alcohol. If you’re unsure by reading the label, ask your local drugstore representative or salon stylist

Kindly wig-care tips

Most women know how to take care of the wig, but for the people who don't know, here are some wig-care tips that will give extra life to your wig:

Place it on a wig stand when not in use.

If your wig is not used too often, keep it boxed.

Don’t store your wig near damp places.

De-tangle your wig whenever you find the time, even if not in use.

Don’t overexpose your wig to heat or sunlight.

There are a variety of lace wigs you can order online, as well as accessories and products that will keep your wig looking and feeling great. If you read and follow the tips above, you will have no worry about excess shedding or drying.

One More Hair has everything you need in order to look better and feel best. Visit our website now to learn more about our vast selection of wigs!

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