How To Pick The Right Remy Hair Weave

The Remy hair weave is the highest-quality artificial hair available in the market today. Because the outer layer of the hair strands are not tampered with less expensive weaves and extensions, Remy hair has a more natural and healthy look and feel. Hair weaves and extensions are used for a variety of purposes, and can include adding volume to thinning hair, or exploring new hairstyles that would be impossible to create within the limits of natural hair alone.

When selecting proper hair weaves to use, there are various things to be considered in order to come up with the most close-to-natural look as possible. Also, the Remy hair weave should blend with the natural hair almost invisibly, one that cannot be distinguished from the other.

The first thing to naturally look for is the right color. Unless the intention is to add highlights to the hair with the use of weaves or extensions of a slightly or completely different color, it is best to select a Remy hair weave that has the same color as natural hair. This is usually best for when the purpose is to add volume or shape to light or thinning hair.

When it comes to artificial hair quality, the use of a Remy hair weave minimizes the problem of the hair looking too plastic or fake. Remy hair is collected from actual hair donors, with the outermost layer kept intact. Unlike cheaper hair weaves whose strands are covered by a layer of silicon, Remy hair retains that natural shine and volume. Although it is rather expensive compared to majority of synthetic hair weaves and extensions, their prices are fairly reasonable considering the effort involved in the manufacturing process and the great care needed for maintenance.

Weaves can come in different styles and forms, and a variety of them can be found in the market. For straight hair, a straight Remy hair weave is ideal. The same goes for curly, or wavy hair. The weave must match the shape and body of natural hair in order to blend invisibly with the rest of the strands. 

Proper selection of a Remy hair weave can be a very long process, but it's also a lot of fun. When choosing the right weave, the key is to find one that best resembles natural hair so that blending will be easier to accomplish. With the wide array of selections in the market today, failure to find the right weave is not likely to happen.

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