How to Straighten a Wig

A lot of times we are choosing between buying curly hair or straight hair, not knowing which style is more suitable for us. But once you learn how to straighten your hair, these problems become much easier, and straight hair is the one style that never goes wrong.

So how do you straighten your hair and that kind of hair is easy to straighten?

Human virgin hair is the best choice because it like our hair, is of the best quality and is very soft and can be easily curled or straightened. And it's easy to care for.

When you choose hair, you can choose the big curls hair, the hair texture is loosened, this kind hair easier to straighten and not easy to broken, some texture like curly hair or deep wave hair, which the curls are tiny, will not easy to be straightened. If unprofessional methods, maybe will damage the hair.

To straighten your hair with a splint, you need to spray some water or protectant on your hair. Avoid splint temperature too high to cause damage to the hair.




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