How to Straighten Your Curls Hair?

Curls hair  is glamorous and can give you a different look, but sometimes you need a straight look or want to change your hairstyle, so how? With the right preparation and protection, your straightened hair can last for several days--and help you feel glamorous and stylish the whole time!

1.Washing and Prepping Curls Hair

To make the straightening process easier, wash and conditioner your hair before you attempt to run a flat iron through it. This will give you freshly washed hair that you can wear down for several days, as well as creating smoother hair to straighten. Try to choose an anti-frizz or smoothing shampoo and conditioner. When you apply conditioner to your hair, start at the ends of your hair and apply up to the middle of your hair -- you want to avoid applying conditioner to your roots. Then, take a wide tooth comb and run it through your hair to detangle it. This will make the combing process easier when you get out of the shower because curly hair can tangle easily. Then, allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for a few minutes before you rinse it out.

Tips: Spray heat protectant on your hair. You are about to use several heat styling tools, so you need to protect your hair to keep it from becoming damaged. You can use a serum, spray, or gel. Choosing one that is anti frizz and specifically designed for flat ironing hair will give you the best protection. Apply evenly all throughout your hair for the best protection.

2 Drying and Straightening Your Hair

Section your hair to make drying easier. Create 4 quadrants by separating your hair down the middle and then again from ear-to-ear. As you work through each quadrant, divide it into smaller sections that are about the size of the brush you're using. Start at the bottom of each section and work your way up.

Use hair clips to hold your hair out of the way until you're ready to do that section.
As you finish a section of your hair, let another layer of your hair down and twist the rest back up. Continue to separate sections like this until you have let down all of your hair.

Tips:Use the right flat iron. Some people have difficulty straightening their hair simply because they are using the wrong type of flat iron. Ceramic straighteners are great for fine to normal hair types as they will help soften the hair. For curly hair, gold or titanium plates on the straightener are really your best option. Titanium helps produce both flat and sheen for curly hair.

3. Finishing and Maintaining Your Style

Make finishing touches. Once you have straightened all of your hair, you can make any styling finishes your hair needs. If you want your ends to curl under, take your straightener and run it through the ends of your hair, gently curving it under so that your ends curl under. You can also straighten your bangs, or flip your ends outwards --- whatever you want to do to create the style you want.


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