How to Style Lace Front Wigs 1

How to Style Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are natural looking wigs that are usually made of human hair. These wigs can be styled almost like normal hair, but they do require some preparation before you put them on. If you have a lace front wig that you want to style, all you need to do is bleach the knots, place it on your head correctly, and cut it to your liking.


Method 1 Styling your baby hair

1.Use a comb to brush all of your baby hairs forward. Most lace front wigs have some smaller, thinner hairs near the front of the wig that will be wispy if you don’t slick them down. Use a comb to pick these hairs out and brush them forward onto your forehead. The hairs will be different lengths, and can come down to your eyebrows or even longer.

You can also use the pointy end of a pick or a toothbrush to pull your baby hairs to the front.

2.Tie the rest of your hair back with a hair tie. As you work with your baby hairs, the rest of your wig needs to be kept out of the way. If your wig is long enough, you can push the long hair behind your ears, or you can tie it back with a hair tie or a headband. Make sure the only hair that is on your forehead is the hair you want to be slicked down.

3.Apply a small amount of gel to your forehead. If you’ve just put your wig on, your adhesive gel that you used to stick it to your scalp might be wet enough to use on your baby hairs. Otherwise, put a pea sized amount of adhesive gel or normal hair styling gel on your hairline with your finger.

Tip:Don’t use too much gel, or your baby hairs will look crunchy. Stick with a pea sized amount, or less if your wig hair isn't super thick.

4.Comb your baby hairs to the side and upwards on your forehead. Use a fine toothed comb to gently brush small sections of your baby hairs outward and upward toward your hairline. Your baby hairs should end up looking like a wavy line on your head. Do this to all of your baby hairs around your entire hairline.

You can choose sections in whatever size you’d like them to be, depending on what you want your finished style to look like.

You can swoop your sideburns out over your ears, or lay them down flat on your jaw.

Set your baby hairs with hairspray. Spray a small amount of hairspray over all of your baby hairs so that they stay in place. Be careful spraying hairspray near your eyes. Smooth down your hair with a finger after you spray hairspray on it for an extra sleek look.


Method 2 Creating Up-Dos

1.Put your hair in a half-ponytail or bun. Lace front wigs look natural from the front, but the back might look more like a wig. Keep half of your hair down to cover the nape of your neck, while still putting a bun or a ponytail in. Separate the hair from the top of your ears upward into a hair tie, and then tie it into a bun or ponytail.

2.Style your hair in a low ponytail. If you’d like to keep the nape of your neck covered with your wig, put your hair into a low, sleek ponytail. Brush your hair and tuck it all behind your ears, making sure that there are no lumps of hair anywhere. Secure it tightly with a hair tie

Tip: Curl your hair if you’d like to have more volume in your ponytail.


3.Put half space buns in your wig. Space buns are a style that can also leave hair covering the nape of your neck. Brush your hair and collect it into a hair tie from the top of your ears upward, like you would for a half-up ponytail. Separate the hair from the hair tie into two sections parted down the middle. Make each section of hair into a bun that sits on the top of your head.

Leave some pieces of hair out of your up-do in the front if you’d like to have some layers that frame your face.

4.Braid your hair into french braids. French braids are a cute way to keep your wig out of your face. Split your wig into two sections by parting it down the middle of your head. Grab 1 of the sections, start braiding at the top part of your head, and braid toward the back, picking up sections of hair as you go. Secure the braid with a hair tie and do the other side.

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