How to curling your straight hair without damage?

When you're tired of your straight hair, it's time for a change.To the hairdresser? A new wig? Sure, but wouldn't it be more of an experience to do your own hair? 

So how to restyle your straight hair to curls? Perhaps the first thing many people think of is using a iron to curl, which is certainly the fastest way to do it, but it's also the most damaging way to your hair, so how can you change your hairstyle without damaging it?Let's learn.

Wear a sock-bun overnight for loose curls. 

When your hair is almost dry after your shower, apply styling serum to it and secure it in a high ponytail with an elastic hairband. Take a sock-bun and put all of your hair through it, then divide your hair in half. Wrap both sections tightly around the sock bun on either side, and secure the ends to your roots with a bobby pin

  • Release your hair from the sock-bun in the morning and spray it with hairspray to get your curls to hold.
  • You can purchase sock-buns at beauty supply stores or online, or make your own by cutting the toe out of a sock and rolling the sock up into a thick circle.
  • Keep in mind that a sock bun works best with long hair.

2.Sleep in braids for loose or tight waves. 

When your hair is damp, apply a small amount of styling serum to your fingers and work it through your hair. Divide your hair into however many sections you like and braid each section tightly. You can braid your hair in 2 or more French braids, cornrows, or individual 3-strand braids. Secure the bottoms of each braid with an elastic hairband and sleep on the braids

  • In the morning, undo your braids and comb your fingers through your hair. Apply volumizing hairspray to get the curls to stay.
  • For tight waves, divide your hair into many sections and make 6 to 10 small, tight braids when you braid your hair at night.
  • For loose waves, braid your hair into 1 or 2 braids to sleep in.

3.Roll your hair in soft curlers overnight for various sized curls. 

Purchase soft curling rollers at a beauty supply store. Choose small rollers if you’d like tighter curls, or large roller for loose waves. Wrap your damp hair in the rollers before bed and secure them in place with clips.

  • Some rollers come with securing clips, which are often easier to use than bobby pins or other hairclips overnight.
  • Unroll your hair from the rollers in the morning and spray your hair with hairspray for curls that last all day.

4.Make pin curls with mini spiral buns. 

When your hair is damp, take a strand however thick you like, and twist it from top to bottom. When the twist is all the way to your roots, wrap the twist in a circle against your scalp and pin it down with 2 bobby pins crossed over each other. Make these mini buns all over your head, and go to sleep with them in

  • Remove the buns in the morning and watch your curls unfold. Spray them with hairspray to make them last for the day.
  • You can make the buns as big or small as you like; use more hair in each twist for bigger buns and looser curls, and less hair in each twist for small buns and tighter curls.

These are very simple and very practical methods, simple and easy to operate, just a few minutes, sleep up to have a beautiful curly hair, try it quickly!


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