How to Untangle a Wig

Most girls who like to have long wigs may more or less have trouble with tangles. Don’t throw that tangled wig into the dustbin! With a lot of patience and a few steps, you can bring your tangled wig back to life.


What causes the tangle

 The wig may be tangle due to dryness after hair left the donator it will nutrient loss, or dirty. Also, many tangles are caused by sleeping with your hair down, and too much friction and tension on the hair.

How to deal with dry tangles

If your tangle while hair is dry, sometimes using a brush can seem like a nightmare. Do not worry. Please wash & condition your hair at least once a week,  in the warm water and put a little drop of olive oil on the hair end to keep the hair Shiny. Running the hair with your fingers before you comb it you can use some Hair spray when you running the hair. This is really helping.

How to fix hair product-caused tangles

If your tangles are the result of a little bit of a heavy hairspray hand, products, take a few drops of light hair oil, massage it into your hair mid-shaft to ends, then gently brush through hair. The oil helps break the product down and softens the hair. also, you can use water or serum to moisten the hair. After that, you will get a silky wig.

How to fix wet tangles

use conditioner to tangled areas while hair is still damp and using a wide-toothed comb to work through knotted wet hair. You can put your wig into warm water and use your fingers to run through it, please gently and patiently. After the wash, you can use a model head to wear the wig let the wig dry natural.

Hope this can give you some help, All our human hair wig is easy to restyle and take care. please feel free to contact us if you need any help.


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