Is Loose Wave And Body Wave The Same?

As we all know, there is lots of kinds of hair texture (straight hair, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, curly hair, wet and wavy hair) in the market, but do you know the difference between loose wave and body wave?

First, we have to say both of the loose wave and body wave are wavy hair. Both of the hairstyles are excellent choices for fashion women who want one unique excellent and elegant hairstyle. Then what‘s the difference between loose wave and body wave?

Loose Wave

Have you ever slept with braid hair? You hair will turn out as loose wave hair in the morning. Compare to body wave, the curls of loose wave looks like more spiral & tight but not too tight as straight hair or spiral as spring curly hair, it will be looked  like more natural and fluffy, that’s the reason why lots of women choose to use it from spring to summer to winter.

Body Wave

Body wave hair is molded as “S” pattern from the root of hair bundles to the end, It usually will give an large wavy hair styles, easily be maintained and straightened to straight hair or curled to any other curly hair. That is the reason why body wave is always hot selling among African American.

In general: both body wave and loose wave are excellent hairstyles, if you need DIY WIG, 4*4 lace closure, 13*4 lace frontal or 360 lace frontal closure will be you first choice. 



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