New Fashion! Wear and Go Headband Wig--One More Hair

Having a beautiful haircut is the goal of every girl.Now more and more people are choosing a wig to help with styling. Some people might choose a lace front wig, or a lace closure wig, but any wig with lace should be installed, glued or with the help of a hairdresser.

The process can be cumbersome, requiring an appointment, and some people have become allergic to glue.So when the time is urgent, we need a convenient wig to install.

Now a new fashion hairstyle is on the rise. Wear and Go, headband wig!

This is a wig made only by bundles and a band. Sew the bundles on the adjustable band, no lace part, so when you wear, you just need to put the wig on head and adjust it on the right place, the band can help you wear it and won’t fall down, this is fully glueless. Then you can tie a colorful headband on the hairline, to help score your look.

This kind of wig is very easy to wear and care, you do not need worry about the lace broken, or how to take the lace wig down from your head. When you wash the hair, just take if off from your head, and also, the bundles sewed on band is stronger than tying hair over a lace,this way you will have more less shedding.
The best point, even if you have only one wig, you can create a different look with change the different color headband!

Come on! One more hair provide the new arrivial headband wig, with special code, save money and be fashion!

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