Should You Get A Highlights Lace Closure Wig?

Hair trends come and go, but highlights are forever, Today we have summarized 4 reasons why there needs a highlighted closure wig for the season. Which color and type of highlights is right for your hair? Firstly there needs to know what are highlights?

“Highlights are when you want to make the hair lighter, typically using a hair lightener or a light hair color,” says celebrity stylist and Garnier consultant Nikki Lee. Highlights is the general term for lightening specific sections of hair. You can then decide, by yourself or with a colorist, if you prefer the specific hair color techniques of lowlights or baby lights.

Highlights are hand-painted, created by weaving small sections of the hair and then adding color. Sections can either be wrapped in foil to process or hand separated. For a natural-looking highlight effect, you or your colorist will paint the mid-sections to the ends of your hair. Highlights are sometimes misconceived as only for blonde hair, but any hair that’s being colored in sections lighter than its base color is a highlight. If your hair is auburn and you add golden brown hair strands, that’s still considered highlighting the hair.

If you’re looking for an all-over hair color look without the maintenance or drama of single-process hair color, highlights are a great option. The thinner the highlight weave, the more you’ll create the effect of all-over color.

1.Highlights can do anything you’ve ever dreamed of !

 Highlights add all the depth, dimension, and texture that you could possibly think of. Washing dark hair with some strategically placed highlights can totally make a drastic transformation.

2.Highlights can accentuate eye color, bring out cheekbones, and even slim faces.

 They show off the lines of your haircut, create depth and the illusion of fullness. They are a great introduction to hair color — and, despite what you’ve heard, they work for all hues.

3.It could protect your hair from damage when you wanna change highlighted hairstyles

All we know every hair has three layers -- the inner fibers make up the medulla; the cortex surrounds the medulla; and the cuticle is the outer layer that protects the inner, more sensitive components from damage If you colored or restyles too many times, the hair lifespan will decrease faster.

4.Fit for any occasion

highlights are great color any season, especially for spring and summer. When you go to the beach, party, wedding, or special dating time all occasions could be the queen wear the highlighted color.

Conclusion: With the coming of spring and summer, more and more highlighted hairstyles become the mainstream color, and it is very important to choose a perfect color that suits you, which can help you become the focus of the crowd. One More Hair have many kinds of highlighted lace closure wigs, if you wanna find more hairstyles go check the link:, don’t hesitate contact us if you have more requests about hairstyles




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