Should We Wear a Wig When Swimming?

Many people want to have beautiful hair, but not everyone's hair grows well, therefore, a lot of hair products have been derived to help us to have the perfect appearance, even if our own hair is not good. Especially for black women, almost everyone struggles to have a favorite wig. After getting a favorite wig, many people will travel with them. Can we also bring a wig when swimming?

Let's first look at how the wig is made! 

There are many wigs in the market, such as synthetic hair, human hair. Of course, the most expensive hair and the most comfortable to wear are human hair. If a wig is a human hair wig, the first thing to make a wig is to cut it off from the donors' head, then tied each hair on the lace to make the wigs. Pay attention: Each strand of hair was hand-tied into the lace. We know, when the hair is cut, the hair will no longer be nourished. It's like a leaf leaving a tree trunk, Can only fade away. When using real person hair so, we want to make sure to be able to add enough nutrition to the hair, what hair needs is moisture and nutrient, both are sufficient, the ability is better.

And when we go swimming, if we don't wear a waterproof swimming cap, we will find that our hair becomes very dry, rough, and hard to comb-like weeds. Because both swimming pools and seawater are corrosive, it's hard to keep your hair from looking bad after soaking in such water. Even with our own hair, after swimming we need plenty of hair conditioner, essential oils to protect our hair, not to mention a wig. 

So back to the question, can you swim with a wig? For your sake, of course not. But if you wear cheap synthetic hair, or if you don't care about damage to your hair, you can.



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