The Cool Girl's Tips to Dressing for New Year

You may already know exactly what you want to wear on your New Year's Eve. Maybe this is your go-to dress and high heels combination, or it's a more understated look made up of jeans and your favorite shirt. Although anything you wear will undoubtedly work, if you really want to make it foolproof, you should stick to some specific style rules to help you master your look. Because come on-who doesn't want a killer outfit?

Consider all people's style, we think we may need to find some new way to catch peopel's eyes, be a different one. Keep scrolling to learn more. Plus, shop New Year inspired clothing. We promise there’s a little something for everybody.

Pick One Standout Piece

“I see a lot of women wear everything at once—sparkly dress, lots of jewelry, shiny makeup—and it feels too overdone,” actually “A nice style juxtaposition is picking one standout part of your outfit (like a great pair of earrings) and wearing it with a tuxedo blazer and skinny jeans.”


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