Thick or Thin, What Kind Of Density Wig Should I Choose?

When talking about wigs, people’s first reaction is whether they look good or not. Secondly, they think of length or thickness. As people use wigs more and more widely, people begin to have different degrees of understanding of different wig densities. More and more people will take into one of the important reference factors. Because high-density hair can not only bring a charming appearance but also symbolize good health.

What is wig density?

In short, wig density is the amount of hair added to the hat to create a fuller look. It helps to determine the thickness of the hair on the wig cap. While understanding the density of wigs, it is important to understand the difference between hair density and thickness.

The thickness of a hair is the width of a hair. On the other hand, density is a term used to express the amount of hair in a wig cap. This means that you can have low-density hair even if the hair strands are thicker, and vice versa. The denser the wig, the fuller and thicker the hair will appear.

Just like human hair has different hair densities, wigs are also distinguished according to hair density. The standard hair density of a wig is 120%, which is called natural/medium density. This is almost equal to the average head hair density varying between 100-120%. It provides a realistic look and is very light on your head, making it very comfortable to wear.

Below are details of the different density levels that you can choose for your  lace front wig

80-90%-very thin, which is the lowest hair density level in wigs. And it is recommended only to women with very fine or very fine hair or to the elderly.

100-110% -This one is very light and will not make you think you are wearing a wig.

120-130% -this is the normal density of hair on an average human head. The wig will not feel too thick or too thin. It replicates the appearance and fullness of natural hair and is the standard density of any wig.

150% -Compared with medium-density holiday hair, it looks more plump and plump. It is a bit heavy, and it is more complete for women. You can also use high-density holiday hair to customize your hair into curly and wavy hairstyles.

180% -very heavy and looks weird.  High-density holiday hairstyles can allow you to embrace gorgeous hairstyles, but it may make your head a little uncomfortable.

200% -This is the heaviest wig density. Generally not worn by women, only for professional artists. The density of overweight wigs is difficult to wear on the head and may feel very uncomfortable.

Most customers prefer to buy density 120% because it is very similar to their natural hair.

And The average human head of hair is considered to be between 120% - 150%. If you want to have a very thick feeling, you can choose density 180% even density 200%.

No matter what density you choose, it is mainly comfortable and good-looking. It is highly recommended that you can come to One More Hair  choose different densities and styles.

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