What Is A T-part lace wig And How To Rock It Perfectly?


The T-parted lace wig with a 13-inch lace edge, lace space from ear to ear, and a 6-inches deep part lace in the middle/left/right (the most popular type is a middle part), which makes the lace look like a "T" shape. So that is why we called it T part lace wig.

A T-part lace wig has a little lace around the forehead, but there is enough lace in the parting area. It also with 3 combs in wig cap which if you do not like it, you can cut them off.

There is an adjustable strap at the T part lace wig back that helps you adjust according to the circumference of your head, so that the wig will be more comfortable and it will not slip off when you wear it.


A typical T-Part lace wig normally with a 13x6 inches T-parted parting space, and the other parts are made by machine with hair tracks. This is an attempt to make lace wigs more affordable, but still long and deep parting space points. If you don't have enough budget, you can choose a t-part lace wig. It with the same whole lace edge with 13x4 lace frontal wig, but the price is cheaper.

Because of the "T"-parted shape of this wig, there are laces only on the forehead. And the parting area, it is a fixed parting line, so you can not part your T-part lace wig again.


If you are beginner to T-part lace wigs, or you are not good with T-part lace wigs, it is not easy to make it look as natural as a 13x6 inch lace front wig. Partial lace wigs are a type of lace wigs that also look similar to the amount of lace, but the limited work is like a closure, it has fewer hand tied space in the front, we have limited the steps to make your hairline look more natural.

step 1. Use your wig to match the part area with your hair part.
Come on, put your head on the t, the ears on the ears are actually perfect, wrap the elastic part around your head first, and then connect the slide to the back of the wig.

Step 2. Cut off the excess lace.

Step 3. Apply wig glue along your forehead.
Use some foundation to color, you can just apply a little foundation under the wig or on the top near the hairline, which will make you looks more natural.

Setp 4. Pluck the babyahir again if your like more natural hairline.
Separate the hairline from the baby's hairline with a squeezer to make it easier to pluck.
If you don't know how to pluck the hair, leave a clean space between the hairline and the baby's hairline.

This is like a step, when everyone may need to install a wig, some people may not like baby hair, it may not be part of a baby hair trend, but this is needed if you want to help your wig look more natural.

Step 5. Sprinkle some powder on the hair edges and seams.
After using powder, the baby's hair is between the baby hair and the rest of the hair. This just makes everything look like a scalp and makes everything look a bit plucked. You can see that it looks much better at close range and smooth transition from your face.

Step 6. Apply some hair cream and use a hot comb to smooth the front and hairline.
This may be something very small, but it makes the difference in the world. It gives you a look at the type of scalp that is growing, instead of the hair just being flat, lying on your face lifelessly and then combing your hair hot and squashing your hair. The wig looks flatter, seamless and more natural.

These steps are crucial when using T-part lace wigs, because the unit customization of this style is so limited, and personality is an important part of killing your wig.
The rest of the installation is up to you, you can do it in any style you like

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