What’s The Perfect Length Inches When Choose Curly Hair?

SWould you say that curls are still one of the trending hair looks for 2022? Yes, absolutely.

 In 2021 most of our customers love order curl lace front wig. So the coming 2022 the curly wig still will be the hot selling wig. Many people have one or two curly hair wigs, But what's the hair lenthes should you choose? Is the curly hair length important?

 It’s not a major factor according to many but when you aim at making the hair extension look real, then yes you need to be sure of the length to use. With the right length, it will last for more than 6 months. Other factors to consider when choosing the hair length. Of course, you need to follow the various rules but you can also play around with the different lengths to see which one suits you best. You also need consider your lifestyle. For the short curly hairstyle, you expect high maintain cane which means you shouldn’t pick it if you don’t like high maintenance. But if you are the kind who loves the wash and go style, the longer length is ideal.

There have 3 styles curly hair length inches suggest for you.

Style 1 Short hair

Ear length (elf)

If you have a spectacular bone structure and you just want to show it off, pixie cut or ear length cut is a good idea. Girls with curly hair will find it improves their curly hair without any extra effort-exactly what we like! In terms of classic tailoring that will not go out of date, the elf tailoring is hard to beat.

Always the most fashionable short hair, long chin hair (aka classic bob) should fall right on your chin line. Try an asymmetrical bob to add drama, or stick to a French style to make you look more refined.

Style 2 Medium hair

Shoulder length

Shoulder-length cuts are generally flattering (think suspenders or modern shags). These medium-length hairstyles outline the lines between the bob and the long hair, allowing you to pick the best elements of the two. As an added bonus, it is the perfect middle ground when you grow a buzzer or elf look.

Style 3 Long hair

If your strand exceeds your shoulder, it is considered long. You can choose a mid-back length cut or grow it to the tailbone for extra long hair.

Mid-back length

Shaking around your hair when taking selfies and pretending to be an Instagram model? This coveted length is called the mid back and is a real stunner for thick, coarse hair texture.

Coccyx length

You may not have ankle-length hair, but hair that grows to the tail bone is perfectly feasible.


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