Why are wigs so expensive?

Many friends who have never worn a wig will always have such hesitation. Why are wigs so expensive?

Of course, it's normal to have such a question. Wigs can be used for many purposes, such as covering up the embarrassment of hair loss, work needs, and changing appearance (face modification).


In many cases, a suitable wig can make people fashionable or even look like cosmetic surgery.

Wigs are divided into long hair styles, short hair styles, half-length styles, curly hair styles, wave styles, etc.; in terms of color, they are divided into light brown, linen, red, black, light brown and so on. 

If you are a bald person or a person who loves beauty, a wig will be a very good choice.

Many people's understanding of wigs is still stuck in the past stereotypes of unrealistic, unsightly, and low to no good. In fact, with the current level of technology, wigs have already jumped out of this level a long time ago. Look at the current Japanese and Korean stars. As well as young people who love fashion, many people are using wigs to beautify their image, touching their conscience and saying, can you see who is wearing a wig or who is ugly after wearing a wig?


Real human hair wigs can not only be exactly as real as our hair, but also can be easily changed to a variety of shapes without harming the scalp. It can save the time of making hair. It can also use different wigs to create a variety of shapes. This is probably the effect that beauty lovers are most happy to see.

Wigs allow fashion-loving sisters to change their hairstyles at will. Some people like celebrities often need to do styling for work reasons, such as dyeing different colors or perming their hair. This can easily damage the hair quality, but if you use a wig instead, you can Good to avoid hair damage.


And in this way, you can directly use the right hair color and hairstyle, which is very convenient. You don’t need to re-care and style every time, and you can take it off directly after you use it. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to remove makeup. At this time, the wig The role is fully reflected!


There are many grades of wigs. The purely handmade human hair cover is one of the higher grades. From the material and workmanship, the realism and fashion will be much higher than the ordinary wig cover. Of course, the price of the purely handmade human hair cover is also corresponding. Will be much more expensive.

With a good after-sales guarantee and a good method of use, the lifespan of real human hair wigs is very long.


Before buying a wig, it’s best to go to an offline store to try it on. Whether the hair style and size are really suitable for you, some shops can try it on for free. Choosing a hair style that suits you can highlight your personal temperament, and the hair stylist can help. You design your own personal hairstyle.


When buying a wig, be sure to keep your eyes open, and don’t be deceived because you are greedy for a little bargain for a while~ One More Hair is a brand who sells hair for more than 15 years, they own factory, produce and sell all kinds of human hair wigs, top quality. If you need any hair, purchase from One More hair will take you a fantastic experience.

Finally, I hope you can choose the wig hairstyle that suits you and make yourself more confident and beautiful!

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