Why do your curls hair tangle easily?

Having a nice curl hair style is a dream for many girls. When we see the posters or the promoters' well-groomed curly hair, we are all envious of them. But often our own curls hair is very difficult to deal with, tangle, shedding, etc..Is there any reason for this problem?Is it  just because our hair is different?

 Of course no! Just we use bad care methods.

 But what's the best way to style your hair? Here are some tips to help you learn.

  1. wash and condition the hair regularly(about 3-5days)
    2. Detangle hair gently(with WIDE THOOTH COMB) before washing .Do not rub and twist hair.
    3. When you wash the hair, add mild shampoo to warm water and swish hair until clean. Take a small amount of hair conditioner dissolved in warm water , then put the hair inside, soak out after 5 minutes.
    4. Blot excess water with towel and allow hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to sun.
    5 . Don't brush hair when it is still wet! Comb the hair gently with your fingers.  use some hair gel to help holding the texture after washing.
    6. Brushhair in a downward motion with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.
    7. When you curl the hair, avoid overuse of hot curlers and flat-irons, which will shorten the life of hair, and Put some hair gel or spray styling products for holding waved hair. 

    Important Note:
    If the hair is drier, it is easier to make the hair knot, so it is necessary to keep the moisture of the hair everyday.

    Friction during sleep can cause static electricity in your hair that can cause knots, so it's best to put a hat on your hair before bed.

    Usually we buy hair extension in order to give ourselves a beautiful appearance, so we should treat wigs as gently as our own hair, clean them regularly, comb them properly and protect your curls. You will be the most beautiful girl in the street!!

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