Why Does Hair Feeling Crunchy After Flat Ironing?

With the development of various hair treatment tools, more and more women treat their hair at home to create a sleek, modern styling. Among them, the flat iron is a widely recognized tool. With flat iron, people can straighten their hair according to their preferences. But after flat ironing, some people may wonder why is the hair feeling crunchy?

We all know that flat iron utilizes heat to manipulate hair into turning straight. If excess heat is applied or it doesn’t be used properly, it would damage the hair. In that condition, the hair’s natural oils are stripped away, the water molecules evaporate and the cuticle, the outer layer of hair may break down, then exposing the inner cortex of the hair to make hair weaker, less elasticity, and greater crunchy.

While flat iron has become the most common indispensable perm tool. In this condition, how can use flat iron correctly and prevent crunchy hair to the greatest extent?

1.Choose a good flat iron

(1)The material of flat iron needs careful consideration. Ceramics, tourmaline, and ferrotitanium are usually the best choices. They can conduct heat evenly and safely while minimizing heat damage.
(2)The choice of temperature is very significant. Too much heat is bad for hair. People need to avoid exposing their hair to too much heat. Choosing the iron with the function of adjustable temperature is best.
(3)Plates come in various sizes. Wider plates can make the straightening process faster. For long hair and thick hair, it is a good choice. If the hair is short or fine, it is better to choose a flat iron that is one-half inch to one inch wide, it is more convenient to handle smaller pieces of hair.  
2. Prepare hair

Wash and condition the hair firstly. Please choose gentle moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to let the hair be full of nutrition and moisture. In the meantime, it is good to make hair clean, remove the dirt and hairstyling products used before. Another important thing, trying to flat iron the hair when it’s wet can cause serious damage. Please let the hair air-dry till it is completely dry, then start using the flat iron.
3. Use a heat protectant spray

Flat irons will use heat and it is necessary to do the double dose of heat protection. Heat protectant spray will create a protective barrier between the flat ironing and hair to prevent heat-related damage and help keep hair healthy. This step is crucial. Don’t skip it.
4. Follow the technique step by step

(1)Open the iron, set it to a proper temperature
The best method to protect hair from heat damage is to limit hair’s exposure to high temperatures. For natural black color hair, please don’t set the temperature to exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For 613 blonde hairs and colored hairs, the heat setting tool should not be over 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
(2)Separate hair into several sections

Use a comb to help women divide their hair into several sections. The number of sections depends on the thickness of the hair. The key is to make parts 1-2 inches thick so that they can easily go through the flat ironing. Hold the upper hair with a hair clip, and straighten the sections underneath first.
(3)Clamp the iron down

Put one section of hair to the inside of flat ironing, then straighten it slow and steady. Slowly run the tool through the hair from the roots to the ends and allow the heat to work through any twists and curls at once.
(4)Repeat this process

Do this straightening process for every piece of hair have divided until all sections are done.
5. Finish with hair oil or serum

Once have flat-ironed hair, use hair oil or serum. It is helpful to smooth the hair cuticle and nourish the hair strands. 

6. Don’t use flat iron too often

The fact is that using any kind of flat iron to perm hair will weaken and damage hair more or less. In the long run, hair will also look dry and crunchy, and women notice more frizziness. So don’t use the flat ironing too often, try to make it last as long as possible.
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