How to Wash Your Virgin Hair Weave?

Saturday, April 14, 2018 7:38:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Maintaining clean hair, while wearing a weave is not a difficult task. If you know the various tricks and routines that work to keep your hair looking neat and tidy after a wash, it’s fairly easy to do.

If you’re currently wearing Virgin Hair Weave Bundles or DIY Lace Wigs and plan to wash it, here are some tips you can use:

1 Take a wide width comb and gently comb through the weave to loosen any knots or tangles.

2 Use a shampoo specifically made for sew in weaves. These shampoos help to keep detangling to a minimum, while also maintaining your hair’s natural moisture balance. Pls notice :Wash the weave starting from top to bottom by gently massaging the shampoo into the it. It's important that you keep the hair straight while washing it. This helps avoid causing matting and tangling.

3 Once you’ve finished washing your hair, apply your conditioner Again, apply it by using a diluted solution of conditioner and water. This dilution helps to avoid any tangle or knots.. Have this solution sit on your hair for at least 3 minutes, then rinse your hair with warm water. Follow this rinse with a cold water rinse. Use your fingers rake them through your hair – again to decrease tangles. Note that this cold water works at closing the cuticles which imparts a great shine on the hair.

4Gently towel dry the hair by blotting it. To blot, you will take the towel and hang it in your hands and gently close your hands into a section of your hair and gently press your hands together then open and move your hands down a few inches on the same section of hair and press again. Do this down each section of hair, very gently.

5:Finally, it is probably best to air dry the hair. Pls notice: Don’t use hair dyer and exposure to the sunshine and make sure you don't have too much hair in the braid or it won't dry.

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How To Know If The Hair Is Real Virgin Hair?

Saturday, April 7, 2018 6:46:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

The need to write this article because lots of customer tell me that the hair what they buy from other company is like synthetic,they worried to be cheated again .To be quite honest, there are more vendors out there selling fake hair than those selling Real Human hair weave bundles. Here are some key pointers that should serve as your Go-To Guide in helping you more easily navigate through the virgin hair world and hopefully prevent you from making costly mistakes down the road that can have you end up losing your hard earned $$$. Here are the go-to tried and tested ways used by experts in telling fake virgin hair apart from authentic virgin hair.

1.Burn Test 

Human Hair:

1.Burning smells like a burnt fragrance

2.Burns out very quickly,feels like coke

3.Easily becomes ash ,but just a little

Synthetic Hair:

1.Burning smells like a burning plastic

2.Feels viscous burned out

3.Burning Hair's ashed easily fall off

2.Chemical Check

Make sure the hair has no chemicals left in it. If it is true virgin hair, it should have no chemicals at all.  If it melts slowly into a ball instead of burning, smells like rubber and produces black smoke, it is not human hair.You can do a sniff test to see if you can distinguish the synthetic hair or real human hair .

3.Cuticle Check 

100% virgin hair should have cuticles. If it does not, the cuticles have been stripped, usually with an acid bath. You can check for cuticles by running your finger down the length of the hair. The hair should feel smooth going down, but you should experience some resistance as you move your hand up the shaft.

4.The "too-perfect" Check

Virgin hair is taken straight from the scalp of donors and should have some irregularities in it. If the hair seems "too perfect" then it probably is.


When you bleach human hair, it lightens very fast depending on the grade. If it is fake, it will most likely burn.


There are unscrupulous business people who mix human and synthetic hair thus you need to be keen when buying. Good reviews from people you trust will also help in getting the right hair.


Human hair tends to be softer, shinier and more durable than synthetic hair since they are made from actual human hair. Feel the texture of the hair. Natural hair has each of its strands coated with scales. The hair should thus be smooth if you rub it downward, but resists and feels different if you rub it upward. Synthetic hair is smooth whichever way you rub it.


The cost of the hair can also be a much cheaper. If it is unrealistically cheap, even if they call it a special offer, be wary. If it is real, the seller will try and get the best price for it. This, however, does not mean that you go for overpriced hair. Shop around and get the best cost-effective hair bundles.



Real human hair will tangle, but just a little. The longer the hair, the more likely it is to tangle especially at the back of the neck, but this should not worry you much. If the tangling is excessive, be wary.


This too, can happen with human hair but if it is excessive, it is not genuine. Shedding should only be a few strands when you comb through. Sealing the wefts of the weave will ensure the hair stays on. Comb the weave with a wide tooth comb from the tips to the roots to reduce shedding.


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How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Human Hair Weave ?

Saturday, April 7, 2018 6:44:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

One More Hair One More Year Longer Lasting Quality!

1.Hair Type

Black women have many different textures of hair, there are Brazilian Virgin Human Hair,Malaysian Virgin Human Hair ,Peruvian Virgin Human Hair,Indian Virgin Human Hair and so on; ;luckily they all have their own characters:

◆How To Determine Your Hair Type?

Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave Bundles

Malaysian Virgin Hair Weave Bundles

Peruvian Virgin Hair Weave Bundles

Indian Virgin Hair Weave Bundles


2.Hair Texture

Straight Hair /Wavy Hair /Curly Hair is the 3 main kinds hair texture what we usually know ,But do you know their characters or any other hair textures ?

◆How To Choose The Right Hair Texture?

Straight Hair

◆Body Wave

◆Loose Wave

◆Deep Wave

◆Curly Hair

◆Wavy Hair



There are various materials of hair available.Such as virgin hair, Remy Hair, Non-Remy Hair etc.Non-remy Hair is cheap which can last 3-6 months, Remy Hair is middle-end product which is the most people’s choose ,Virgin Hair (one more hair )is the High-end best cost-effecitve Product which can be used 1- 2 years and easily be cared.

Virgin Hair is 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Weave Bundles,which is collected from a single donor(the donor could be Brazilian ,Malaysian,Peruvian,Indian,etc)


Remy hair is gathered from the head of different donors in a way as to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned and bound together at the top of the bundle. This means the hair remains softer and silkier, and is useful in producing middle-end Hair weave bundles ,lace closure ,13x4 ear to ear lace frontal and 360 full lace frontal closure.

Non-remy Hair is very popular in some small company because its cheap  price .The important characters of non-remy hair is that does not have its roots aligned.It may have been collected off the floor ,or there may be some other reason they are unable to keep the roots together and running in the same direction.



How Many Bundles Do You Need?


With One More Hair, you can always use less bundles since the hair density is naturally going to be to fuller. We recommend 2-3 bundles for a naturally full look for 8-18 inches and 3-4 bundles for 20-28 inches.For natural look and feel ,all of our hair can be cut and styled to suit your personal styles .


At the same time every people have her own requirement and every kind of hair texture have its own function,we can adjust the hair bundles as our own needs and budget!



5. Closure/Frontal

◆Do you need to use or buy Lace Closure/Lace Frontal?

May be this question is lots of customer’s confusion and worried thing ,because the price of lace closure and 13x4 ear to ear lace frontal especially 360 lace frontal closure is very high .But as the whole it’s very cheap ,eg:

♥Wearing a lace closure/frontal can allow you to achieve a styling option that the hair bundles doesn’t allow you to do.


♥you can buy less hair bundles to match or do DIY lace wigs


♥A lace closure/frontal covers the hairline especially 360 frontal entire hairline will allow you to achieve a seamless style


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How To Choose The Right Hair Texture?

Saturday, April 7, 2018 6:38:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

In order to choose the right hair texture which is most popular and fit you,we usually will need spend some time to understand the character of every texture(straight hair /body wave /loose wave /deep wave /curly hair/wavy hair ). A great way to gauge this is by comparing its texture and their end hairstyle as the following:


Straight Hair

Straight hair weave is effortlessly gorgeous hair. It is beautiful on its own and doesn’t require a lot of fuss to look good. Its smooth nature gives you a head start in sculpting it into many different styles. It has great natural shine because it gives light a flat surface to reflect on.


Body Wave

body wave Weave Hair is a loose curl that results in a wave pattern rather than a tight roll because the sections of hair are wrapped around larger rollers than the ones used for other types of perms. If you're looking to add texture, volume and waves to your hair, a body wave may be just what you're looking for.


Loose Wave

Loose wave is mainly large curls on long hair,weather near water, humidity gets increases due to which women's hair starts to become wavy and frizzy. Also after going for a swim in a salt water, the hair gets a certain texture and looks wavy if air dried. More often than not such natural way of getting loose wave hair is not very appealing. The hair either doesn’t become wavy along the whole length or is too messy or frizzy to look attractive. That’s why most women prefer getting their loose waves at home or the salon.


Deep Wave

Deep wave virgin hair has a very tight curl pattern. This type of curl is great for that tropical look. Deep wave hair needs to be maintained properly and moisturized at all time.

Although this hair can be straightened, we would recommend you to purchase a different type of texture if you are going for a straight look. You do not want to lose the natural beautiful curl pattern by putting too much heat on this hair.

Curly Hair

Jheri curl (often spelled Jerry curl or Jeri Curl) is a permed hairstyle that was popular among African Americans.Invented by the hairdresser Jheri Redding,the Jheri curl gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look. It was touted as a "wash and wear" style that was easier to care !


Wavy hair

Wavy hair lies somewhere between straight and curly hair,more than curly hair, but less than straight hair. Wavy hair is typically more prone to frizz, So you need to Keep your fingers out of your wavy hair firstly before comb it in the morning .

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How To Determine Your Hair Type?

Saturday, April 7, 2018 6:31:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Hair Type usually is like fingerprint ,no two Hair Type are exactly the same.Even though most exciting aspects are simultaneously confusing, there are subtle difference between the types of hair .Then how to determine the type of your hair ?


◆ They all have natural movement and will never tangle or shed unlike non-virgin hair.

◆They are all available in wavy,straight or curly textures.

◆The colors can be dyed to light brown #27.

◆ A co-wash is recommend on all types of hair.

◆ Recommend 2-3 bundles for 8-18 inches and 3-4 bundles for 20-28 inches.


Brazilian hair

◆ It comes from the pacific of Brazil .

◆ Brazilian Hair is the most sought hair texture on the market right now.

◆The hair is sleek and light shiny in texture than Indian Hair

◆This hair holds curls very well and tends to hold curls longer than Indian Hair .

◆It doesn’t require special maintenance .Brazilian Hair is good for all hairstyles .It holds curls beautifully and when wet and can withstand the long term effects of heat and water.You can choose the Sleek Straight Hair Weave or totally Curly/Wavy Hair with this extremely versatile hair type.

◆This hair is used diversely because of its softness ,durability and density(thickness).Due to its natural density ,with this hair ,less is more .This is origin of our brand :One More Hair One More Bundles Visual Experience!


Malaysian Hair

◆Malaysian Hair is softer and silkier in texture than Indian hair if you want volume and thickness ,Malaysian hair is you best option ,It gives great bounce and heavy body.It is great for all styles .

◆Due to its fullness ,it can have a tendency to be dry if proper care isn’t taken .We advise that sufficient moisture in the form of good leave-in conditioner to be used after the second re-use of the hair.The good thing is that this type of hair requires less wash because its heavy density.

◆Malaysian Hair is a highly sought after texture and a very popular option among celebrities.Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel and is sleek and shiny ,but not excessively shiny .Its luster is low to medium-similar to Brazilian Hair .This hair hold curls extremely well without the use of products.

◆Malaysian Hair comes naturally dark in color ,it can blends very well with most hair types including African American .It doesn’t swell or frizz in humid conditions making it low maintenance .Malaysian Hair is amazing ,you will love it !


Peruvian Hair

◆Peruvian Hair has the ability to look naturally voluminous despite the fact it is light weight .Meaning ,you can have over 400 grams (4 bundles )of hair bundles and yet it feels like feathers .It is extremely soft and ultimately feather light!

◆Peruvian hair blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures.

◆Peruvian hair is extremely manageable even in times when hair isn’t maintained properly.Peruvian Hair is great for sleek straight styles as well as short&edgy styles.

Indian Hair

◆Indian Hair usually is 100% Indian Virgin Human Hair and it comes from the Indian race .Indian Hair tends to dry into a beautiful wave which ranges from slight wave to very wavy,although it straightens and curls very easily.The hair holds curls very well but,they do loose slightly which will never totally fall out unless you are in a humid or damp environment.By Purchasing Indian Hair from an honest supplier(one more hair )it will come in its raw state.A co-wash is absolutely necessary to transform this hair from is raw state.It is very soft and lustrous and great for all textures (yaki/wavy/curly),specially for natural wave.


Mongolian Hair

◆Mongolian Hair is very rare due to Mongolia only having a population of 2.6 million people.Mongolian Hair is best described as in between Chinese and Malaysian hair.It is thinner and not coarse as Chinese hair.But not Quite as soft as Malaysian Hair .Much more expensive to acquire this type of hair .

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