How to maintain deep wave/curly hair ?

Thursday, May 31, 2018 2:29:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Every People want her deep wave or curly hair looks wet or stay kind of pretty,Especially in the summer .But Lots of friends tell me they don't know how to maintain the deep wave and curly Hair Styles .Here is some tips which wish could help you in maintaining your curly hair styles.


First You’re gonna need some water in a spray bottle


Second :you need some conditioner (at the same time ,you could also adding a bit of coconut oil to bring in some moisture )


Third:Brush you hair through your hand and make sure you don't have any tangle .


Then spring the blends products of water,conditioner and coconut oil to your hair .

Notice :Please don't leave any dry places and don't spring too much of the hair products.Then ,the hair will give you its sweat look,a level of dampness but not like wet hair



As we all know ,Except the maintaining ,choosing sometimes seems more important .So when we decide to get some hair bundles or to change the hair styles to deep wave&curly hair ,please choose the best cost-effective One More virgin human hair bundles,especially the Brazilian/Peruvian deep wave curly hair which is very hot selling among African american women.If you need any Lace Closure or Lace Frontal for DIY wig ,One More Hair www.onemorehair.com is the best choice for all the kind of hair texture hair pieces.

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Is Loose Wave and Body Wave the same ?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 4:07:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

As we all know there is lots of kinds of hair texture (straight hair ,body wave ,loose wave,deep wave ,curly hair ,wet and wavy hair ) in the market ,But do you know the difference between loose wave and body wave ?


First we have to say both of the loose wave and body wave is wavy hair .Both of the hair styles are excellent choices for fashion women who want one unique excellent and elegant hairstyle.Then what ‘s the difference between Loose Wave and Body Wave?


Loose Wave

Have you ever asleep with braid hair ?which will turn out as loose wave hair in the morning .Compare to Body Wave ,The Curls of Loose Wave Looks like  more Spiral & tight but not too tight as straight hair or spiral as spring curly Hair .It will looks like more natural and fluffy,that’s the reason why lots of women choose to use it from spring to summer to winter.


One More Body Wave Hair is manufactured by Virgin Human Hair materials,which is cut from one donor and can be used more than one years .Different virgin hair style of Brazilian hair / Malaysian hair /Peruvian hair /Indian hair for you to choose .If you need cheap hair ,we also provide promotion remy hair for our customers.



Body Wave


Body Wave hair is molded as “s” pattern from the root of hair bundles to the end ,It usually will give an large wavy hair styles,easily be maintained and straightened to straight hair or curled to any other curly hair .That’s the reason why body wave is always hot selling among African american.


In general :Both of body wave and loose wave is excellent hairstyles,if you need DIY WIG,one 4" x 4" lace closure ,13" x 4" lace frontal or 360 Full lace frontal closure will be you first choose


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how to maintain loose wave weave?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 3:18:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

What you usually will do when you want one loose wave weave hairstyles ?

◆Buy online?

◆Do it by the salon professional stylist?

◆Do It yourself ?

As we know usually one set of virgin human loose wave weave bundles usually will cost us $100-$200,So this article will try some ideas what will help us maintain loose wave weave easy and Lasting long time :

1 Buy the virgin hair from brand company which can help use long time.Notice ,please donn’t buy some cheap hair which will looks terriblely in months and gets tangled very quickly.


2Comb the hair with big comb or just combing the hair through your finger to avoid tangle or any broken hair.


3 Sleep with one silk scarf or a satin cap if you want the best style of loose wave weave and want one completely relaxed night which we help your hair avoid tangled.


4 Dry your hair with natural wind or lower heat hairdryer,Donn’t use the hot settings which will make your hair looks dry ,lots of the nutrition or much terrible.


5Wear one swim cap when you Take a bath or go to the beach for a vacation.


6 Apply some detangle or soft thing after you washing your hair ,which makes your hair looks shiny and moisture.



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How to do half up half down curly hairstyle on short natural hair ?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 1:53:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are two reason what stimulate me to write this article :How to do half up half down curly hairstyle on short natural hair ?


First :From my View , our naturla short hair is really beautiful ,we should have the confidence to show it especially in summer,which must be very cool !

Second : Spend the least Money& Wear the best Quality Virgin Humn Hair Weave Bundles!

Have you got some motiviation to do yours?Let’s have an try!


First what we need to know is that we need to prepare 2 bundles curly human hair weave (just 2 bundles is enough ) and 6-7 pcs clips (Notice :if you need clips,just leave us the message of clip requirement when you place the order,all our clip is free gift)


Then is the procedure of how to do it:


1 Detangle the natural short hair through separate the hair into four or more section and comb them all the way

2Spray it with water /oil or any other thing get it pretty easy to do the hairstyle

3 Make clip-in hair through sewing the clip to the hair weave

4Clip the clip-ins to your back natural hair  

5 Grap your front &top hair into one little bun and neat the aroud short hair

6Twist your another piece of hair weave to the tiny bun and fix it through elastic



How to get wavy hair without damaging it?

Monday, May 21, 2018 3:02:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

How to get wavy hair without damaging it


We all know that the body wave usually will change to straight hair after washing ,we want to wavy it again without damaging it .So ,Today what i want to show to our friend is One More Mimic Body Wave Hot Water Method,one smart way which can help you make the body wave or curly weave pattern without damaging the hair .


Material :


◆Flexi Rod

◆Hot Water

Hair Bundles with lace closure/ lace frontal



1 Make one DIY wig through the hair bundles and lace closure ,or you can have an try of your own wig.

2 Tap the Flexi Rod (Notice :Tap to tap both of the Flexi Rod)

3 Wrap the hair around the flexi rod as the video(one bulk buy one bulk ).

 Notice :If you want wavy hair ,you can left enough space while you twining the hair,but if you want curly hair styles or deep wave styles,you can twine the hair more ightly as your requirement.

4 Then curves the hair with hot wtater or warm water .The reason that our mnodel use hot water in the video is because she wanted the wavy to be tighter.(You donn’t really have to use hot water,just do it as your requirement is ok )

5 In the end ,let it dry without separating the flexi rod.


Have you got it ?




How to Wash Your Virgin Hair Weave?

Saturday, April 14, 2018 7:38:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Keeping up clean hair, while wearing a weave isn't a troublesome assignment. On the off chance that you know the different skills and schedules that work to keep your hair looking perfect and clean after a wash, it's genuinely simple to do

In case you're presently wearing Virgin Hair Weave Bundles or DIY Lace Wigs and plan to wash it, here are a few hints you can utilize:

1 Take a huge width comb and tenderly comb through the Hair Bundles to slacken any knots or tangles.


2 Use a shampoo particularly made for sew in Human Hair weave bundles. These shampoos help to maintain tangle to a minimum, while likewise keeping up your hair's normal moisture balance. Please notice :Wash the weave Hair Bundles beginning from top to end by lightly massaging the shampoo into the Hair. It's imperative that you keep the hair straight while washing it. This enables avoid inflicting matting and tangling.


3 Once you have finished washing your hair, apply your conditioner Again, apply it by utilizing a diluted Way of conditioner and water.This dilution facilitates to maintains a strategic distance from any tangle or bunches. Have this arrangement sit on your hair for no less than 3 minutes, then flush your hair with warm water. Take after this flush with a cool water wash. Utilize your fingers rake them through your hair–once more to diminish tangles. Note that this frosty water works at shutting the cuticles which gives an incredible shine on the hair.


4 Gently towel squeeze the hair but not twist. To blot the hair, you will take one fresh and dry towel on your hand ,Keep Squeeze the wet hair from roots to the end (one section to another section ,until your hair hair is close to dry) .Do this down each segment of hair, lightly. 


5 Finally, it is most likely best to air dry the hair. Please Notice:Don't utilize hair dyer and presentation to the daylight and ensure you have relatively little hair in the braid or it won't dry.



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How To Know If The Hair Is Real Virgin Hair?

Saturday, April 7, 2018 6:46:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

The need to write this article because lots of customer tell me that the hair what they buy from other company is like synthetic,they worried to be cheated again .To be quite honest, there are more vendors out there selling fake hair than those selling Real Human hair weave bundles. Here are some key pointers that should serve as your Go-To Guide in helping you more easily navigate through the virgin hair world and hopefully prevent you from making costly mistakes down the road that can have you end up losing your hard earned $$$. Here are the go-to tried and tested ways used by experts in telling fake virgin hair apart from authentic virgin hair.

1 Burn Check

Human Hair:

1.Burning smells like a burnt fragrance

2.Burns out extremely quickly,seems like coke

3..effortlessly turns into ash ,but only a little


1.Burning smells like a burning plastic

2.Feels gooey wore out

3.Burning Hair's ashed easily fall off


2 Chemical Check

Make sure the hair has no chemicals left in it. If it is true virgin hair, it should have no chemicals at all. If it melts slowly into a ball  rather than burning,smells like elastic and produces dark smoke, it isn't human hair.You can do a sniff test to see if you can distinguish the synthetic hair or real human hair .

3 Cuticle Check 

100% virgin hair should have cuticles. If it does not, the cuticles have been stripped, usually with an acid bath. You can check for cuticles by running your finger down the length of the hair. The hair should feel smooth going down, but you should experience some resistance as you move your hand up the shaft.

4The "too-perfect" Check

Virgin hair is taken straight from the scalp of donors and should have some irregularities in it. If the hair seems "too perfect" then it probably is.

5 Bleaching

while you bleach human hair, it lightens very rapid depending on the grade. On the off chance that it is fake, it will most likely burn.

6 Referrals

There are unprincipled business man who blend human hair and synthetic hair  in this way you should be sharp when purchasing.  Great surveys from individuals  you trust will may also assist in getting the proper hair.

7 Texture

Human hair tends to be softer, shinier and more durable than synthetic hair since they are made from actual human hair. Feel the texture of the hair. Natural hair has each of its strands coated with scales. The hair should thus be smooth if you rub it downward, but resists and feels different if you rub it upward. Synthetic hair is smooth whichever way you rub it.

8 Price:

The fee of the hair can likewise be a significantly less expensive. If it's far unrealistically reasonably-priced, even if they call it a special Promotion offer, be wary. If it is real hair extension, the vendor will attempt and get the  excellent charge for it. This, however, does not imply that you go for overrated hair. Shop round and choose the best cost-effective human hair bundles.



Real human hair extension will tangle,  yet only a bit. The longer the hair,  the much more probable  it is to tangle particularly at the back of the neck, however, this should not  stress you much. If the tangling is immoderate, be  attentive.


This as well,, can occur with human hair however if it's far immoderate, it is not honest to goodness. Shedding should just be a couple of strands when you comb the hair. Sealing the wefts of the weave hair will guarantee the hair stays on. Comb the Hair Weave with a wide tooth comb from the tips to the roots to decrease shedding.


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