Highlight Wigs Create Your Fashion

Within the hair dye world, highlights are absolutely loved! They are simple, elegant, and perfect for anyone who wants a change of color but does not wish to commit to the usual solids.

With the highlights we also have some of our personal absolute favorite highlights that we will be delving into in just a moment but before we being let us take a moment to talk about the wig fashion industry that is all the current storm.

Fashion is ever-changing, and we all know that subjecting your natural hair to heat treatments using curlers, straighteners, and whatnot and all the dyes can seriously damage your hair in the long run! So isn’t it such a smart alternative to be using wigs to save ourselves the pain of putting our natural and real through all of that? That is right … even for highlights, there are countless wigs and options available for you to keep up with the latest hair fashion trends! Our focus for this discussion specifically is going to be on highlight wigs! And not just any highlight wigs, but our absolute customer favorite peekaboo highlights and honey highlight which we will delve into shorty!

Understanding Dye Colors

The amounts of colors within this world are almost endless! This is why it is no secret that going to a salon to get your hair dyed can be a super tricky process because, if you are not getting it done from a professional, things can be hard because you never really know how the exact color of the dye will turn out! Especially considering other factors such as the atmospheric temperature, the natural color of your hair etcetera.  And even within the dye world certain well-defined colors that are usually used are given a specific color. That is important to know because with our highlight-colored wigs, you will not have to worry about getting the wrong color. If honey highlights are what you ordered, honey highlights are what you get. Within the wig highlight segment too, there are absolutely countless options you can try on according to your skin tone, face structure, and energy preference, and the sort of vibe you are going for. Below we have highlighted some of our most favorite options that we think are a must-try!

What Are Honey And Peekaboo Highlights?

Honey and peekaboo highlight have got to be the cutest names you have heard for highlight in a while huh! And to be honest, their final products and end results are even more to die for!

Honey Highlight

There’s continually going to be a spot for those fresh, cool platinum conceals and ashy hair tones, yet recently we’ve been seeing an ever-increasing number of individuals anxious to warm things up. In case you’ve been longing for rich, warm shading, honey features may very well be what you’re searching for.

Simply as the name suggests, honey highlights range from golden yellow to rich amber and add a very warm touch to your face and persona. They are super versatile and work with almost any skin tone!

Peekaboo Highlights

They are highlights that are applied under your top layer so when you wear your hair out with your ordinary splitting, you don’t see them. Peekaboo highlights are also normally applied towards the front of the head, no nearer than an inch or so down from your regular part. And usually, they are preferred to be towards the purple or lavender side of the color spectrum.

Out of both these highlights, according to recent trends like to go for the wow factor and go with the peekaboo highlights … leaving the highlights as an element of surprise!

Our Absolute Favorites

At Onemorehair our most beloved wigs are the TL412 and the FB30 highlights wig. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these two! With an undertone that is brown, the TL412 proudly accompanies with it blonde highlights that sit smoothing with the dark and are sure to show off a nice elegant pop of color. The lengths of the wig are also varied, and like all our natural hair wigs, are super versatile and are not going to lose that impeccable shine and feel any time soon! The FB30 on the other hand has a brown undertone with a darker hue of highlight. This is perfect for really showing up with a powerful attitude and demanding attention from the room! Whatever the case may be, both of these highlight wigs are sure to leave you feeling happy with how they sit on your face.

The bottom line is that no one can go wrong with highlights! If this is your first time trying out any sort of dye, highlights are a perfectly safe and easy to handle option that does not require much of a commitment! And since they blend perfectly into the dark brown or black undertone of the hair they are more of a pop of color that will surely get the wow factor and the elements of attention when you walk into a room!

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