Highlights Wig

      What is highlights wig

      • Highlights wigs they present two tones,  usually in the front. Just like the golden highlights wig, it is one of the mainstream color wigs on the market and is very popular among consumers.

      • Highlights are simply hair that is lighter than your natural color. If your background color is brown, you can add light brown highlights, or even brown hair with golden highlights. For blondes, golden highlights include lighter golden tones. It is important to note that there are also different types of highlighting techniques.

      Piano Color Hair

      "Piano highlights are a throwback making a comeback, This style of highlights was really popular in the '90s and shows clear lines between dark and lighter colors, almost in a piano style pattern." It's most commonly done with brunette hair, mixing shades of light brown and blond into the color. The contrast between the colors mimics the white and black keys on a piano, creating a striped effect.



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