Why the Colored Wig You Received is Different From the Website?

Colored wigs is one of the best sellers in summer, like highlight wigs, honey blonde wigs, as well as the ginger color wig, and so on. But as sales have increased, a problem has emerged. More and more clients are wondering why the hair I receive doesn't look exactly like the pictures on the website. Today, we will talk about the chromatic aberration problem of our colored wig. For more information, please keep reading.

1. How is the hair dyed

As we all know, all colored wigs are made by hand. In this case, hair of different production batches and different hair textures will have slightly different hair colors through dyeing. What is more important, the sight chromatic aberration is inevitable in the whole wig industry. So we can not guarantee that the color of our products will be exactly the same as the photographs you saw.

Of course, if you really mind the chromatic aberration, we sincerely recommend you to buy some natural black human hair wigs. For natural black hair color, there are all kinds of high-quality wigs in any length, type, and texture for you to pick, for example, HD lace wigs, headband wigs, lace front wigs, and so on.

2. Where you use your hair

Have you ever noticed the hair color of colored wigs looks different depending on the lighting? That is because the color is the effect of light reflecting off pigment. In order to prove it, we especially opt for some types of hot-selling colored wigs to experiment with whether the colors of colored wigs are different or not shooting under the different lights.

Take the 99J colored wig as an example, we can clearly see that even though the colored wig is photoed by the same iPhone, the hair color in sunlight is the most bright in the same environment.

In short, it is the reason why the color of the colored wig you received is different from the picture of the colored wig. There is no denying that different lights are one of the important factors that cause a little chromatic aberration.

3.What is the texture of your wig

In addition to the above factors, hair texture also affects the way color looks because of the way light reflects off the curly or straight fibers. We take photo for one same hair, but before curl and after curl, it shows the different color too. 

So, don't worry too much about hair color question, what's best for you, just give it a try, you might be prettier than the model. One More hair provide the best quality colored hair, for all kinds and we also accept customized requirements. If you wanna to change your style, start from One More hair.


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